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Principals’ agreement about their position: Percentage of public K–12 school principals who agreed with statements about their position as a principal, by state: 2020–21

State The stress and disappointments involved in being a principal at this school aren't really worth it   I am generally satisfied with being principal at this school   If I could get a higher paying job I'd leave this job as soon as possible   I think about transferring to another school   I don't seem to have as much enthusiasm now as I did when I began this job   I think about staying home from school because I'm just too tired to go  
United States 17.894.225.417.534.517.1
Alabama 26.994.839.414.831.819.4
Alaska 15.086.515.818.130.415.5
Arizona 26.495.728.621.042.414.9
Arkansas 20.898.431.615.738.524.1
California 21.993.326.518.335.217.9
Colorado 20.794.631.922.740.513.5
Connecticut 8.294.617.219.226.410.4
Delaware 19.392.316.215.527.713.6
District of Columbia 25.592.328.
Florida 13.794.426.917.033.815.0
Georgia 9.595.219.313.326.19.8
Hawaii 17.394.718.212.039.320.3
Idaho 25.394.425.523.845.021.4
Illinois 16.593.718.920.132.713.3
Indiana 21.998.328.319.541.312.4
Kansas 16.395.522.320.927.213.4
Kentucky 13.1!93.426.310.627.918.2
Louisiana 16.394.325.827.921.0
Maine 19.291.622.925.343.129.6
Maryland 19.992.020.913.5!37.625.2
Massachusetts 19.590.624.419.640.314.9
Michigan 16.595.222.918.837.222.7
Minnesota 18.698.931.722.540.219.3
Mississippi 13.7!97.129.714.623.816.8
Missouri 15.895.324.420.532.213.2
Montana 25.391.725.824.129.515.2
Nebraska 16.394.835.335.242.719.4
Nevada 24.690.627.421.640.416.0
New Hampshire 21.692.018.713.329.87.8!
New Jersey 17.695.821.
New Mexico 17.497.429.88.0!33.721.4
New York 15.295.818.513.934.316.3
North Carolina 11.694.525.415.627.914.0
North Dakota 26.388.622.423.241.722.1
Ohio 21.295.622.920.829.811.3
Oklahoma 14.789.
Oregon 9.790.720.821.830.617.7
Pennsylvania 16.891.224.220.638.418.4
Rhode Island 31.082.934.127.035.623.5
South Carolina 16.196.618.27.7!24.413.7
South Dakota 28.591.433.131.245.320.2
Tennessee 17.690.929.19.1!41.811.1
Texas 15.993.731.916.130.220.5
Utah 20.994.828.115.141.726.7
Vermont 13.294.915.421.136.411.6
West Virginia 20.094.535.18.9!33.019.7
Wisconsin 16.694.323.420.830.612.7
Wyoming 22.896.138.317.841.916.9
! Interpret data with caution. The coefficient of variation (CV) for this estimate is between 30 percent and 50 percent (i.e., the standard error is at least 30 percent and less than 50 percent of the estimate).
‡ Reporting standards not met. Either there are too few cases for a reliable analysis, or the coefficient of variation (CV) for this estimate is 50 percent or greater (i.e., the standard error is 50 percent or more of the estimate).
NOTE: Data are weighted estimates of the population. Response options included "strongly disagree," "somewhat disagree," "somewhat agree," and "strongly agree." Principals who reported "somewhat agree" or "strongly agree" were considered to have reported that they "agreed" with different statements.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, National Teacher and Principal Survey (NTPS), “Public School Principal Data File,” 2020–21.