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National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 (NELS:88)

Quick Guide and Example

June 2002Quick Guide to Using the NELS:88/2000 Data PDF icon (597 KB)
The purpose of the “Quick Guide” is to orient potential users of the NELS:88/2000 data to suggested techniques for working with the data files. Special attention is paid to topics that will help users avoid the most commonly made mistakes in working with NELS:88 data. This guide is meant to serve as an introduction. It is taken from the: Base-Year to Fourth Follow-up Data File User’s Manual: Appendix A (NCES 2002-323), which contains more detailed information about the NELS:88 data files.
T.R. Curtin, Steven J. Ingels, Shiying Wu, and Ruth Heuer, RTI, and Jeffrey Owings, NCES
Jeffrey A. Owings

May 2003A Detailed Example of Statistical Analysis Using the NELS:88 Data File PDF icon (1.00 MB)
This is a step-by-step example of a longitudinal analysis using the NELS:88/2000 data. The example begins with selecting the appropriate electronic codebook (ECB) for one's analysis, tagging variables of interest, and creating SPSS syntax for extracting the data off of the NELS:88 CD. The intermediate steps in SPSS are detailed. And finally, importing the data and performing statistical analyses in the AM statistical software is demonstrated. (Information on acquiring the free AM software is also included). Emphasis is placed on accounting for the complex sampling design with the design role variables.
Author & Contact:
Peggy Quinn