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The sixteen PDF files are scanned images of the NELS 88 instruments for the base-year through fourth follow-up studies. Scanning took place with the best available copies of the instruments, pulled primarily from the data file user's manuals and methodology reports developed for each wave of the study. Data collection for the third and fourth waves of the study was conducted primarily by computer-assisted telephone interview (CATI). The complexity of the programming required for CATI instruments (e.g., unique preloaded and "fill" variables and different routing and skip patterns for each respondent) makes it difficult to present this instrument in an easy to read format. For the third follow-up instrument, we have included a hard copy version of the instrument used during field interviews. The fourth follow-up study employed both CATI and CAPI (computer-assisted personal interviews) during data collection, and no hard copy version is available. To aid understanding of the interview, we included both an instrument flowchart and a CATI/CAPI facsimile.

1 The first follow-up student questionnaire includes the New Student Supplement developed for sample members added to the sample through "freshening."
2 The second follow-up Student Questionnaire includes the New Student Supplement and the Early Graduation Supplement.