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National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 (NELS:88)

Data Analysis System

The Data Analysis System (DAS) is a software application that provides public access to NCES survey data. With DAS, users can generate tables of percentages, means, or correlation coefficients through a 3-step process: 1) go online and select the dataset to be analyzed; 2) choose DAS variables (based on survey questionnaire items) that should appear in a table and indicate how each should be used; and 3) select an appropriate weight, if necessary, and click on the “Run” button. The website will process the table parameter file (TPF) created by your variable selections, and generate a table of estimates, corresponding standard errors that take into account the complex sampling designs used in NCES surveys, and weighted sample sizes for the estimates. The TPF can also be downloaded and saved for future use.

Visit the DAS website to obtain more information or to download a DAS.

NEDRC Tables in DAS

Please visit the DAS Tables Library to obtain more information or NEDRC Tables to view a current table.

For assistance with the NELS:88 DAS, please contact: Aurora D'Amico