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Table C.2.14. Public school teachers' average starting salaries in U.S. dollars expressed as a ratio of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in U.S. dollars, by education level and country in the G-8 countries: 2008

Country Average starting salary with minimum training   Average salary after 15 years of experience and with minimum training Average starting salary expressed as a ratio of GDP per capita GDP per capita
Primary Upper secondary   Primary Upper secondary Primary Upper secondary
England1 28,608 28,608   41,807 41,807 0.86 0.86 $35,600
France 23,106 26,035   31,082 34,010 0.72 0.80 33,100
Germany 38,216 42,881   46,223 52,570 1.23 1.46 35,400
Italy 23,751 25,602   28,731 32,186 0.84 0.90 31,200
Japan 24,514 24,514   45,515 45,543 0.81 0.81 34,100
Scotland1 27,223 27,223   43,363 43,363 0.86 0.86 35,600
United States 30,339 30,471   43,999 44,120 0.76 0.77 47,200
1 The data on GDP per capita for England and Scotland are from the single source, United Kingdom.
NOTE: Average starting salary refers to the average scheduled annual salary of a full-time teacher with the minimum training necessary to be fully qualified at the beginning of the teaching career. Education levels are defined according to the 1997 International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED97). Primary education refers to ISCED97 level 1. Upper secondary education refers to ISCED97 level 3. For more information on the ISCED97 levels, see appendix A in this report. Average salaries are gross salaries (i.e., before deductions for income taxes) for school year 2007–08 and are converted to U.S. dollars using 2008 national purchasing power parities (PPPs) exchange rate data. GDP per capita in national currencies (2008) has been calculated from total population and total GDP, and has been converted to U.S. dollars using PPPs for GDP.
SOURCE: Miller, D.C., and Warren, L.K. (2011). Comparative Indicators of Education in the United States and Other G-8 Countries: 2011 (NCES 2012-007), table 14-1. U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office.