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International Snapshots Library

For a quick dive into the results from international assessments, view our ready-made Snapshot charts and tables below.

Interested in making your own? These Snapshots are largely produced using the International Data Explorer (IDE), a publicly available web-based data tool that allows users to produce their own tables, charts, maps, and tests of statistical significance. The IDE currently includes data from the PIRLS, TIMSS, PISA, TALIS, and PIAAC studies, with contextual variables such as student demographics, instructional experiences, and school characteristics, allowing users to explore a variety of questions.

Choose a survey or age/grade level from the list below to view Snapshots

PIRLS (Grade 4) TIMSS (Grades 4 and 8) PISA (15-year-olds)
TALIS (Teachers and Principals) PIAAC (Adults ages 16 - 65) Cross Study Snapshots

Clip from chart, average years of experience of lower secondary education principals working as teachers, working as principals, and their average age, by education system: 2013

Clip from Recent Snapshot: How many years of experience do teachers have? How many years of experience do principals have working as teachers and as principals, and what are their average ages? See data for the U.S. & other countries in two new TALIS snapshots.

To see full-length reports, as well as other publications and data products from international assessments, visit the International Activities Program Publications and Products page.