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About - Data and Results

NCES publishes international data and results on education in various user- and viewer-friendly formats, including:

Data Tools
IDE Logo International Data Explorer: An online data analysis tool that allows users to conduct analyses of international education data without the need for specialized software.
PIAAC Logo PIAAC Results Portal: An interactive online tool that allows users to compare the performance of U.S. adults with adults in other participating countries, or with incarcerated adults in U.S. federal, state, and private prisons.

Raw Data and Data Analysis Resources
Open book icon Data Products: Data for each study are made available in three versions: international U.S. data files, U.S. national public-use data files, and U.S. national restricted-use data files.
DLDT Logo Distance Learning Dataset Training System (DLDT): An online, interactive tool that allows users to learn about NCES data across the education spectrum and evaluate it for suitability for particular research purposes.

Reports, Tables, and Snapshots
circular teal clipboard icon with list Summary and technical reports:These reports present summary results for each study in the form of highlights reports. In addition, NCES also provides technical reports for each data collection cycle.
circular orange clipboard icon with figures Comparison reports:These reports are designed to help readers understand the similarities and differences between the assessments, and to help identify what the international education assessments and NAEP each contribute to the overall knowledge base on U.S. student performance.
circular blue stacked items icon Compilation reports: These reports present a set of education indicators that describe how the U.S. education system compares with those of other countries, most often our major economic competitors, such as the Group of 20.
circular purple report icon Data tables: Conveniently formatted tables give a quick overview of topics of interest in international comparative education.
circular green icon with graph and magnifying glass Snapshots: Brief analyses of international education trends utilize data from the International Data Explorer.