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Child Experience

Each child participates in study activities consisting of enjoyable games on a tablet that reveal what children know and can do in terms of language, mathematics, and their social emotional skills. Children participate across two days for thirty minutes each day, and can take as many breaks as they need. This activity is conducted at the child’s school, in a familiar and comfortable space (like in the school library). To learn more about the child’s experience participating in IELS, please view this short two-minute video.

Parent/Guardian Experience

Parents and guardians of the study children are asked to complete an online survey providing information about the child’s home and early care and education experiences. Parents are also asked to report on their child’s skills and knowledge. This survey is available on paper and in Spanish if requested.

Teacher Experience

Teachers are asked to complete a short online survey about their background and professional development. Teachers are also asked to complete a short questionnaire in which they report on each study child’s skills and knowledge.