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CSSC Courses/Course Codes


CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
  23 01 Resource Language Arts/English   resource English; resource language arts; learning problems English; basic English/language skills; vocabulary development
    02 Developmental English 2/Resource ESE AAP English 2    
    03 Developmental English 3/Resource ESE AAP English 3    
    04 Developmental English 4/Resource ESE AAP English 4    
    09 Resource Language Arts/English, Not for credit    
    10 Special Education Reading   not elsewhere classified
    11 Resource Reading    
    19 Resource Reading, not taken for credit    
    20 Special Education Writing   not elsewhere classified
    21 Resource Writing   resource writing; sentence and paragraph development; forms and applications; letter writing
    22 Resource Room English 2 (Special Education)    
    29 Resource Writing, not for credit    
    00 Special Education Language Arts   not elsewhere classified learning problems English; basic resource English; resource language arts; English/language skills; vocabulary development
  27 01 Resource General Math   resource math; learning problems math; calculating devices; money management; basic math skills
    09 Resource General Math, not for credit    
    11 Resource Vocational Math   calculation; measurement; practical shop uses; estimation; job skill development
    19 Resource Vocational Math, not for credit    
    21 Resource Consumer Math   budgets, taxes, interest, loans, financial planning
    29 Resource Consumer Math, not for credit    
    00 Special Education Math   not elsewhere classified
    01 Resource Career Exploration/Pre-Vocational Skills   resource career preparation; employability skills; job readiness; job interests; career options
    09 Resource Career Exploration/Prevocational Skill, not for credit    
    11 Resource Transition Skills   school-to-work transition; planning for postsecondary training or education; job application and interviewing
    19 Resource Transition Skills, not for credit    
  40 01 Resource General Science   combined basic science study; life science; human body; physical science; basic science concepts; applied science
    09 Resource General Science, not for credit    
    00 Special Education General Science   not elsewhere classified
  45 01 Resource Social Studies   citizenship; resource social studies; learning problems social studies; consumer skills, history and geography
    09 Resource Social Studies, not for credit    
    00 Special Education Social Studies   not elsewhere classified
  90 01 General Tutorial Services   individualized instructional assistance to support regular courses; as needed study or survival skills support
    09 General Tutorial Services, not for credit    
  91 01 Resource Study Skills   study skills; resource study skills; learning problems
    09 Resource Study Skills, not for credit    
  92 01 School and Social Survival Skills   strategies for negotiating school; school behavior
    09 School and Social Survival Skills, not for credit    
  93 01 Resource Survival Skills   general survival skills; independent living; social skills; daily living skills
    09 Resource Survival Skills, not for credit    
  94 01 Handicap Specific Support Services   speech therapy; mobility training; auditory or visual training
    09 Handicap Specific Support Services, not for credit