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CSSC Courses/Course Codes


CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
49     TRANSPORTATION AND MATERIAL MOVING   A summary of groups of instructional programs that prepare individuals to operate and control equipment used to facilitate the movement of people or materials
  01   AIR TRANSPORTATION   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to engage in activities concerned with the in flight operation of commercial and private airplanes, including piloting, navigating, and providing passenger services and general ground support.
    11 Aeronautics 1   ground school aviation; aviation careers; theory of flight; aviation regulations; navigation
    12 Aeronautics 2   advanced aviation; instrument flight; air traffic control; flight instruction
    21 Aviation Technology 1 Aviation, General; Avionics Technology aircraft construction; original design; aviation engineering
    22 Aviation Technology 2    
    23 Aviation Technology 3    
    24 Aviation Technology 4    
    31 Air Travel Service Occupations   reservation and ticketing; ramp and baggage handling service; food and beverage service; cleaning and maintenance of aircraft
    41 Aircraft Parts Management 1    
    42 Aircraft Parts Management 2    
    00 Air Transportation, Other    
  02   VEHICLE AND EQUIPMENT OPERATION   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to drive trucks and buses, and to operate construction, material handling, and mining equipment
    11 Forklift Operator   forklift type equipment operation; truck operation material handling equipment
    12 Tractor-Trailer Truck Driving    
    13 Heavy Vehicle Operation/Earth Moving Equipment    
    14 Bus Driver/Chauffeur    
    00 Vehicle and Equipment Operation, Other    
  03   WATER TRANSPORTATION   A group of instructional programs to prepare individuals to perform Tasks on fresh-water and sea going ships, tugboats, barges, floating structures, and related harbor-and dock machinery. Includes instruction in firefighting; lifeboat work; swimming; fiber and wire rope handling and splicing; hull maintenance and painting; cargo-handling gear and ground tackle; maintenance, operation, and repair of main engines and auxiliary steam, refrigeration, water, and electrical systems; and watch keeping, store-keeping, and food preparation
    11 Marine Mechanics, Basic Marine Engine and Boat Repair 1 outboard engines; power plant maintenance; electrical systems; steering systems; fuel systems
    12 Marine Mechanics, Advanced Marine Engine and Boat Repair 2 vertical stern drive systems; inboard marine engines; boat servicing; refrigeration and water systems
    21 Boat Building   boat construction techniques; boat design theory; boat repair
    31 Navigation   navigation theory; navigation skills; celestial navigation
    41 Aquatic Occupations Marine diving hands-on training in areas such as frogman, salvage diver, scuba diver, repairman
    00 Water Transportation, Other    
    11 Introduction to Transportation Industry Transportation Technology 1 study of various transportation systems for movement of people and materials; analysis in terms of land, sea, air, and aerospace vehicles; service system design; government control and regulation of transportation systems; ecological effects of transportation systems
    12 Transportation Technology 2   in-depth study of two or more systems of transportation; individual study and research; new approaches to areas such as safety, design, economy of operation, service maintenance, and governmental control
    21 Transportation/Traffic Technician   installation, repair, and maintenance of traffic control devices; design of traffic control systems
    00 Transportation and Material Moving, Other