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CSSC Courses/Course Codes


CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
48     PRECISION PRODUCTION   A summary of groups of instructional programs that prepare individuals to produce precision goods and materials by hand or machine. In many instances, instructional activities are designed to cultivate an ability to interpret detailed instruction and specifications, and to produce or manufacture goods at low tolerances
  01   DRAFTING   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to plan, prepare, and interpret mechanical, architectural, structural, pneumatic, marine, electric/electronic, topographical, and other sketches; to use reproduction materials, equipment, and processes, to develop, plan, and process charts and drawings; to develop models; and to prepare reports and data sheets for writing specifications
    11 Mechanical Drawing 1 Drafting 1; Projection Theory; Drafting Fundamentals basic graphic language; drawing instruments; detailed working drawings; orthographic views; dimensioning
    12 Mechanical Drawing 2 Drafting 2; Projection, Applied; Drafting, Technical production drawing; drafting department practices; assembly drawings; tension, compression and bending forces; skills enhancement
    13 Mechanical Drawing 3 Machine Drawing; Drafting 3; Illustration, Technical advanced course; machine design; auxiliary views; inking techniques; design in relation to temperature, pressure and horsepower
    14 Mechanical Drawing 4   structural drafting; drafting competitions; skill refinement; independent work
    21 Architectural Drawing 1 Architectural Drafting building plans; material usage; creative layout and design; use of building codes and zoning laws
    22 Architectural Drawing 2    
    23 Architectural Drawing 3   advanced course; architectural drafting principles; small buildings; shopping center layouts
    24 Architectural Drawing 4 Architectural Model Building construction techniques; building small models
    31 Engineering Drawing 1 Engineering Drafting; Engineering Graphics 1 advanced drafting; technological career emphasis; industrial applications; schematic drawing
    32 Engineering Drawing 2 Engineering Graphics 2 design elements; industrial design problems; aerospace drawing; fluidics; blueprint reading
    41 Blueprint Reading Sketching and Blueprint Reading blueprints; industrial drawings interpretation
    51 Drafting 1, Cooperative   in-depth drafting; machine design; technical illustration; independent work
    52 Drafting 2, Cooperative   on-the-job experience; advanced drafting skills
    00 Drafting, Other    
  02   GRAPHIC AND PRINTING COMMUNICATIONS   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to design and execute lay outs and illustrations for advertising displays and instructional manuals. Includes instruction in all phases of offset printing, lay out, composition, presswork and binding, flexography, lithography, photoengraving and other graphic arts related to the industry
    11 Commercial Art 1 Advertising Design drawing rendering; matting; design and execution of layouts; brochure design; typography; publication illustrating
    12 Commercial Art 2 Advertising and Illustration, Advanced advanced course; design; advertising; perspective; commercial standards; silk screen and airbrush use
    13 Commercial Art, Cooperative   commercial art employment; advanced on-the-job training
    14 Commercial Art 3 Advanced Commercial Art portfolio preparation
    21 Graphic Arts 1 Printing, Introduction; Production Printing; Graphic Communications 1 electronic composition; plate making; photocomposing; varitype; presswork
    22 Graphic Arts 2 Printing, Advanced; Graphics Communications 2 printshop operations; Job completion; paper technology; ink varieties; career-oriented training
    23 Graphic Arts 3 Printing Production, Cooperative offset printing; on-the-job training; current industry practices; job entry status; process color reproduction
    24 Graphic Arts 4   continued skill enhancement; project preparation; printing equipment repair
    31 Sign Painting 1 Lettering layout and design; color use; display; letter styles
    32 Sign Painting 2   intermediate-level instruction
    33 Sign Painting 3   advanced-level instruction
    41 Bindery   bookbindery operations; printed materials finishing; standard measurements; technical vocabulary
    51 Electronic Composition   operation of electronic composition and photo composing machines; programming computer selection of type style and size; setting control codes and program sequence
    61 Copy Editing   reviewing texts, documents, and graphic pieces for typographic errors, syntax, usage, alignment
    71 Desktop Publishing    
    00 Graphic and Printing Communications, Other    
  03   LEATHERWORKING AND UPHOLSTERING   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to fabricate and repair all types of upholstery and leather goods
    11 Leatherwork 1   carving leather; tool familiarization; leather preparation
    12 Leatherwork 2   advanced design; professional quality projects
    21 Upholstery   spring arranging; fillers, padding and cover materials; patternmaking, cutting, sewing; styling and designing covers
    22 Upholstery, Advanced   additional experience; pattern making; production methods
    31 Auto Upholstery   automotive upholsterer training
    00 Leatherworking and Upholstering, Other    
  04   PRECISION FOOD PRODUCTION   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to perform slaughtering and butchering operations in a slaughtering and meat packing establishment, or to cut, trim, and prepare carcasses for wholesale or retail sale
    11 Meatcutting 1   preparation of carcasses for consumer size portions; use of hand and power tools; poultry and fish; display and refrigeration
    12 Meatcutting 2   intermediate/advanced
    00 Precision Food Production, Other    
  05   PRECISION METAL WORK   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to plan, manufacture, assemble, test and repair parts, mechanisms, machines, and structures in which materials are cast, formed, shaped, molded, heat treated, cut, twisted, pressed, fused, stamped, or otherwise worked upon
    11 Metal 1 Metal Class; Metal Lab; Metalwork; Metal Trades; Machine Metals metal industries; art metal; sheetmetal; foundry; welding
    12 Metal 2 Metalwork, Advanced advanced machine shop; lathe; milling; heat treatment; skill enhancement
    13 Metal 3   special projects; independent work; sheetmetal; lathe work
    14 Metal 4   advanced projects; metalworking
    21 Welding 1   equipment setup; metal properties; welding positions; blueprint reading; electrical principles; hand operated and automatic equipment
    22 Welding 2   advanced course; nonferrous metals; blueprints; welded projects; certification procedures
    23 Welding 3   arc welding processes; in-depth study; job assignments; job entry level; safety practices
    24 Welding - Cooperative Education    
    31 Sheet Metal 1   layout, fabrication, erection, and maintenance; steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum; hand tool and machine use
    32 Sheet Metal 2   sheet metal mechanic; blueprint reading; product fabrication; framework
    41 Metal Restoration   restoring metal objects; autos; toys
    51 Foundry 1   ferrous and nonferrous foundry practices; foundry metallurgy; types of sands and refractories; coremaking
    52 Foundry 2   advanced foundry work
    00 Precision Metal Work, Other    
  06   PRECISION WORK, ASSORTED MATERIALS.   An instructional program that prepares individuals to produce precision goods in a variety of materials including ceramics, precious stones, metals, glass, and plastics
    11 Plastics 1   molding and casting products; adjusting machines; hand and power tools; fitting and fabricating part
    12 Plastics 2   advanced study; plastics industry; career opportunities
    21 Space Age Plastics   designing, molding and casting products with aerospace applications; principles of using plastics in the aerospace industry
    00 Precision Work, Assorted Materials, Other    
  07   WOODWORKING   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to lay out and shape stock; assemble wooden articles or subassemblies; mark, bind, saw, carve, and sand wooden products; repair wooden articles and use a variety of hand and power tools
    11 Woodworking 1 Woodworking, Basic; Wood 1 wood technology; finishing; simple patterns; safety; hand tools
    12 Woodworking 2 Wood 2; Machine Woodworking; Wood Products Wood 2; Machine Woodworking; Wood Products
    13 Woodworking 3 Woodworking, Advanced; Wood 3 advanced course; cabinet making; furniture construction; woodworking industry
    14 Woodworking 4 Wood 4 continued advanced projects; woodworking
    21 Furniture Refinishing   furniture restoration; refinishing
    31 Cabinetmaking 1 Millwork cabinetmaking theory; detailed drawings; cabinet design; materials selection; cabinet assembly
    32 Cabinetmaking 2   advanced study; fine furniture construction
    00 Woodworking, Other    
  99   PRECISION PRODUCTION, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in precision production not described above
    00 Precision Production, Other