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CSSC Courses/Course Codes


CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
46     CONSTRUCTION TRADES   A summary of groups of instructional programs that prepare individuals to erect, install, maintain, and repair buildings, highways, airports, missile sites, and other structures using materials such as metal, wood, stone, brick, glass, concrete, and composition substances. Includes instruction in cost estimating; cutting, fastening, and fitting various materials; the use of hand and power tools; and in following technical specifications and blueprints
  01   BRICKMASONRY, STONEMASONRY, AND TILE SETTING   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to lay brick brick, concrete block, hard tile, marble and related materials using trowels, levels, hammers, chisels and other hand tools
    11 Masonry 1 Bricklaying and Masonry 1 basic bricklaying; hand tools; brick bonds; blueprint reading
    12 Masonry 2 Bricklaying and Masonry 2; Masonry, Advanced power equipment; cutting; fireplace construction; wall patterns; arch construction
    13 Masonry 3   advanced training, pre-apprenticeship; work experience
    21 Tile Setting and Plastering   wallboard installation; tile finishing; plastering
    31 Concrete Technician   basic concrete technology; foundations, poured walls, footers, slabs, sidewalks, patchwork; stamped design; exposed aggregate
    00 Brickmasonry, Stonemasonry, and Tile Setting, Other    
  02   CARPENTRY   . A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to lay out, fabricate, erect, install, and repair wooden structures and fixtures, using hand and power tools. Includes instruction in common systems of framing, construction materials, estimating, and blueprint reading
    11 Carpentry 1   power equipment use; meeting occupational standards; blueprint reading; layout procedures; concrete forms
    12 Carpentry 2 Structural Woods; Carpentry, Advanced roof construction; doors; wall finishes; stairs; outside and interior trim; floor installation
    13 Carpentry 3   advanced building construction; actual house project construction
    00 Carpentry, Other    
  03   ELECTRICAL AND POWER TRANSMISSION INSTALLATION   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to install, operate, maintain, and repair residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems, and the power lines that transmit electricity from its source of generation to its place of consumption
    11 Housewiring 1 Residential Wiring electrical wiring; code compliance; three-wire systems; low voltage applications; delta and wye systems; blueprint
    12 Housewiring 2   advanced household wiring; testing methods; utilization of various wiring systems; security systems; troubleshooting
    21 Electric Power and Communications Lineworker   rural electrical systems; linework; setting of poles; erecting towers; splicing cables; installing equipment
    00 Electrical and Power Transmission Installation, Other    
  04   MISCELLANEOUS CONSTRUCTION TRADES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals for construction trades other than those described under other groupings in the construction trades category
    11 Building Construction 1 House Construction; Home Mechanics; Building Trades 1; Manufactured Housing Assembly 1 basic skills; forming, framing, concrete, block and brickwork; blueprint reading
    12 Building Construction 2 Building Trades 2; Manufactured Housing Assembly 2 advanced course; finish carpentry; electrical; plumbing; painting; estimating
    13 Building Construction 3 Building Trades 3; Manufactured Housing Assembly 3 advanced course, including task supervision, project management
    21 Painting and Decorating   mixing paint; brush technique; roller technique; wall covering application; spray application; color matching
    22 Flooring Installation   tools and techniques for installation of carpeting, vinyl, tile, and wood flooring
    31 Building Maintenance   custodial training; commercial and industrial buildings; general maintenance and repair; basics of carpentry, plumbing, painting, welding, masonry
    41 Home Maintenance and Repair   simple home repair; tool use; safety procedures; survival skills
    51 Building Construction - Cooperative Education 1 Construction Trades - Cooperative Education 1  
    52 Building Construction - Cooperative Education 2 Construction Trades - Cooperative Education 2  
    00 Miscellaneous Construction Trades, Other    
  05   PLUMBING, PIPEFITTING, AND STEAMFITTING   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to lay out, assemble, install, and maintain piping, fixtures, and piping systems for steam, hot water, heating, cooling, drainage, lubricating, sprinkling, and industrial processing systems. Includes instruction in material selection and use of tools to cut, bend, join, and weld pipes
    11 Plumbing 1   layout, assembly, and repair of pipes, fittings, and fixtures; water lines; gas lines; breakdown repairs; plumbing code adherence; blueprint reading
    12 Plumbing 2   heating system installation; plumbing fixtures; estimating
    00 Plumbing, Pipefitting, and Steamfitting, Other    
  99   CONSTRUCTION TRADES, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in construction trades not described above
    00 Construction Trades, Other