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CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
45     SOCIAL SCIENCES   A summary of groups of instructional programs that describe the substantative portions of behavior, past and present activities, interactions, and organizations of people associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes.
  01   SOCIAL SCIENCES, GENERAL   A group of instructional programs that generally describe the major principles and perspectives of the social sciences
    11 Social Science, Introduction Social Studies, Introduction; Social Studies Skills social science branches; research methods; social studies preparation
    21 Social Science, Advanced Theory and Research   social science theory and methodology; primary and
    31 Social Science Seminar   student discussion and reading group; topical research; analysis of literature and research
    41 Social Studies, Independent Study Social Studies, Independent Research; Social Studies, Independent Reading independent research and reading; writing advanced level paper
    00 Social Sciences, Other General    
  02   ANTHROPOLOGY   A group of instructional programs that describe the historic and prehistoric origins of man, his physical and cultural development, racial characteristics, social customs, and beliefs
    11 Anthropology   cultural origins; cultural behaviors; race, religion, sex roles, family groups, institutions, and economic status; ethnology and linguistics
    21 Comparative Cultural Patterns Multicultural Education; Cultural Pluralism cross-cultural behavior patterns; relationships among world societies; understanding self through cultural analysis
    31 Anthropology, Myth and Magic   religion and magic; cultural differences
    41 Cultural Anthropology, Research Oral History Collection components of culture; original scholarly works; individual anthropological study; culture and personality; observation and collection of data
    00 Anthropology, Other    
  03   ARCHAEOLOGY   A group of instructional programs that describe the historic and prehistoric peoples and their culture through the scientific analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, and other remains
    11 Archaeology   historic and prehistoric peoples; scientific artifact analysis
    00 Archaeology, Other    
  04   CRIMINOLOGY   A group of instructional programs that describe the causes of crime and the methods of detecting and dealing with crime and the criminal, including crime statistics, theories of punishment, and the role of law enforcement in society as an agent for the prevention and treatment of crime
    00 Criminology, Other    
  05   DEMOGRAPHY   A group of instructional programs that describe the vital social statistics, including births, deaths, diseases, marriages, and education rates of populations
    11 Population Education United States Census purpose of census; analysis and effects of use of census data
    00 Demography, Other    
  06   ECONOMICS   A group of instructional programs that describe the transformation of limited resources into goods and services which, upon distribution, are again transformed by consumption to yield satisfaction of human wants
    01 Economics, Theory Economics 1; Economics, Basic banks, profits, corporations, unions, money, GNP; consumer protection laws; American and other systems; personal income tax; production and distribution; scarcity and demand
    02 Economics and Economic Problems Economics for Today and the Future; Economics 2; American Economy; Free Enterprise; Economics Now; Comparative Economics contemporary American economic problems; comparative economic systems; business and labor issues; Federal Reserve System
    03 Consumer Economics Consumer and the Economy; Economics and the Consumer banking and investment; advertising; insurance; consumer protection; domestic and consumer economics; consumer citizenship
    04 Filing Your Income Taxes Income Taxes current United States tax structure; correct filing procedures
    05 Insurance Theory   technical terms; varieties; individual insurance requirements
    06 Investment Economics   stock market; investment theory; commodities; money market funds; bonds; portfolio development
    07 Television and Economics   study of American economy; media presentation and interpretation
    08 Energy Education   general energy laws based on physical and earth sciences; supply and demand; production; U.S. and world sources; conservation and alternative energy sources
    09 American Labor History   historical development of unions; culture of workers; significant labor movement leaders; laws; social change
    10 Economics, Analysis and Criticism   major economic systems; theoretical analysis; fictional and non-fictional works
    11 Economics, College   contemporary American economic problems; college credit
    12 International Economics   study of international monetary and trade systems; global markets; developed and developing economies; interdependence and the multiplier effects of national economic crises
    13 AP Economics; AP Microeconomics    
    14 AP Macroeconomics    
    15 IB Microeconomics    
    16 IB Macroeconomics    
    00 Economics, Other    
  07   GEOGRAPHY   A group of instructional programs that describe the earth and its life; the description of land, sea, and air; and the distribution of plant and animal life, including human beings and industries
    01 Geography 8   United States and world geography
    02 Geography, United States   map reading; United States geographical characteristics
    03 Geography, North American   major geographic areas; North American region
    04 World Geography Cultural and Physical Geography; major world geographic areas; interrelationships between people and habitat; political, social, cultural, and economic geography
    05 Geography, Western Hemisphere and Africa   survey of western geography
    06 Geography, Eastern Hemisphere   survey of eastern environment and geography; environmental and cultural influence
    07 Physical Geography   physical elements and effect on human living
    08 Economic and Political Geography Economic Geography resources; effect of artificial boundaries on spatial arrangements and associations
    09 Human and Cultural Geography Man and His Environment cultural groups and their geographical locations
    10 Field Geography, Honors   theory and research; neighborhood field work; lab and seminar settings;
    11 IB World Geography    
    00 Geography, Other    
  08   HISTORY   A group of instructional programs that describe the past, including the recording, gathering, criticizing, synthesizing, and interpreting evidence about past events
    01 History and Geography 7   survey of world history and world geography; map reading; state history and cultural development
    02 Our Cultural Heritage 7   study of United States history; exploration; colonization; early United States government
    03 Social Studies 7, Honors   chronological United States history; presidential administrations; political movements; independent study; research projects
    04 United States History 8   19th and 20th century history; current problems
    05 Social Studies 8   chronological United States history; presidential administrations; political movements; constitution foreign policy trends
    06 Social Studies 8, Honors   chronological United States history; presidential administrations; political movements; constitution foreign policy trends
    07 United States History, State and Local State History and Government; State History history; culture; contemporary issues; government institutions
    08 United States History, Advanced Placement   colonization to present day; state and federal relationships
    09 American History, Basic US History, Basic; American History, Remedial; US History, Remedial historical survey; government Institutions; applications to daily living
    10 American History American History and World Background historical survey; social, political and economic institutional evolution; United States domestic and foreign affairs
    11 United States History 1 Age of Discovery; Founding of America geography; pre-discovery; colonization to Civil War; government origins; current events and past relationships
    12 United States History 2 Modern American History survey; Reconstruction through current events; American and world affairs
    13 United States History, Honors   historical and critical analyses; historical literature; experiential activities
    14 American History, Advanced Placement United States History, Advanced Placement; American History, College college credit; colonization to present day; prominent historians, organizations; major policies; theoretical foundations
    15 Westward Movement   study of America's move westward; motivation and characteristics; societal effects; cultural impact
    16 Twentieth Century America Twentieth Century America, Survey; American History, Contemporary twentieth century domestic history; progressive era; twenties and thirties; depression, new deal and post war recovery; diplomatic history; civil rights and political scandals
    17 Twenties and Thirties Roaring 20's and Depressed 30's domestic and foreign events; United States and world changes; Fords and flappers; fanatics and Re Scare; protest groups and reformers
    18 America Since 1945 America, Post World War; United States History, Recent concentrated study; post war political, social and economic changes; protest; nuclear age; suburban migration
    19 Nineteen Sixties   study of American social consciousness; political, religious, economic and social forces
    20 Nineteen Seventies   social, cultural, economic, and political controversies; individual contributions; future challenges
    21 Reform in American History   historical reform movements; reform strategies; famous reformers
    22 American Inquiries   comparative historical perspectives; primary sources; colonization and modern affairs
    23 Historic Events, United States   past 100 years; Lindberg flight; Custer's last stand; Lincoln assassination
    24 American Wars, Causes and Effects World Wars; American Wars and Diplomacy local and global conflicts; eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries; lasting effects; peace organization; dictators
    25 Civil War   causes; major battles; leaders; reconstruction problems
    26 Civil War, Reconstruction and Industrialism   war; post war era; Industrial Revolution
    27 War and Modern Consciousness   study of World War I; intellectual and social effects; historical accounts; literary works and memoirs
    28 World War II   study of United States involvement; precipitating events; key Pacific and Atlantic battles; leaders, weapons and strategy
    29 United States Military History 1   prerevolutionary times through 1900; growing military role; significant battle strategies; weaponry advances
    30 United States Military History 2   20th century military growth; individual armed forces branches; political and military leaders; weaponry gaps
    31 United States History, Field Study   review of United States history; historical area visits
    32 North American History   historical survey; review of relationships with the United States
    33 Mexican History   historical survey; review of relationships with the United States
    34 South American History   historical survey; review of relationships with the United States
    35 World History Studies; Eye on the World; World History and World Geography and World Cultures; Survey of World Culture; History of World Civilization cultural and political survey; ancient and modern; western and non-western civilizations; current events
    36 World History, College   prehistoric through modern times; Russia, Africa, Red China, Arab world
    37 World History, Modern Modern World Civilization survey; post renaissance; nations' development; wars
    38 World Civilization, 20th Century Current World History mid-20th century and present day; global survey and concentrated study; Orient; Africa; India
    39 World Civilization, 20th Century, Honors   mid-20th century and present day; global survey and concentrated study; Orient; Africa; India
    40 Western Civilization 9 World Civilization 9 western civilization; multi-media history and humanities; ancient through mid-20th century; Europe and United States
    41 Western Civilization 9, Honors World Civilization 9, Honors western civilization; ancient through mid-20th century; history and humanities
    42 Western Civilization, History European History study of European development
    43 Early Western Civilization   study of European development; prehistoric times through French Revolution; United States and European institutions' relationships
    44 Western Civilization, Advanced Placement; World History, Advanced   western civilization historical development; ancient and modern times
    45 Ancient and Classical World   early human contributions; cultural origins; Greek and Roman civilizations
    46 Ancient Greek History   history and culture; ancient Greece
    47 Rome and Her Empire   historical development; small town and world power
    48 Ancient History and Middle Ages Ancient World History; Development of Civilization; Early World History ancient civilizations; Africa, Asia and Middle East; Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation; cultural and artistic contributions; historic impact
    49 English History   ancient history; current problems
    50 English History, Honors   historical analysis; Anglo-Saxon political, religious, and economic influences
    51 French Revolution, Honors   monarchy dissolution; political evolution; radical and conservative political groups; national and international effects; academically talented
    52 Modern Europe   history and culture; industrial Revolution; Renaissance; European nations development; World Wars
    53 European History, Mid-19th Through Mid-20th Centuries, Advanced   college credit; Nationalism; World War l; political, economic and social movements
    54 European History, 20th Century 20th Century Europe 20th century topics; fascism and communism; economic redevelopment; social, political, and economic changes
    55 European History, Advanced Readings   modern European history; political and diplomatic; intellectual and cultural; social and economic
    56 European History, Modern Western Civilization, Modern college level; Europe from 1500 to present; primary source materials
    57 Third World History   historical survey; developing nations
    58 African History   historical development; ancient to modern times
    59 Africa, Middle East and Latin America   historical survey; significant development factors current events
    60 Latin American History   geographical and historical survey; world relations
    61 Middle East History   geographical and historical survey; world relations
    62 Israel, History   geographical and historical survey; world relations
    63 Eastern Civilization   study of India, China, USSR and Japan; early and modern civilizations; political and cultural aspects
    64 Far East, History   historical survey; world international relations
    65 Asian History, Modern   review of Chinese and Japanese history; focused modern historical study
    66 Pacific Lands, History   historical survey; world relations
    67 Russian History   historical survey; world relations
    68 World Leaders, Past and Present   modern and ancient historical figures; Moses, Socrates, Churchill, Gandhi, Hitler, Martin Luther King, Napoleon
    69 Historical Research   topical study of period or events; review of original documents and historical criticism
    70 Pre-IB World History    
    71 IB History Of The Americans    
    72 IB Twentieth Century World Topics    
    73 IB History of Europe    
    74 Pre-IB US History    
    00 History, Other    
  09   INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS   A group of instructional programs that describe the agencies, operations, and principles involved in communication and interaction among nations, with emphasis upon the relationship between political subdivisions and governments.
    11 International Relations Foreign Policy Problems; Global Relations international affairs; United States role; emerging nations; United Nations; international resource and population problems; multi-national corporations
    21 International Relations, Honors   statesmanship; international agreements and disagreements; political analysis
    31 International Law   historical development; world courts; current world problems and solutions; practical international regulations
    41 Model Security Council, Local   participatory student United Nations Security Council
    51 Model United Nations, Local   international relations research; participatory student United Nations
    52 Model United Nations, National   participatory United Nations; national student representation
    00 International Relations, Other    
  10   POLITICAL SCIENCE AND GOVERNMENT   A group of instructional programs that describe the description and analysis of political institutions and processes, including the origin, development, geographical units, forms, sources of authority, powers, purposes, functions, and operations of government
    01 Civics Community Civics citizenship responsibilities and government - introduction; federal, state and local government; organization and function
    02 State and Local Government   functions of government; state and local level
    03 Government, Basic Government and Contemporary American Problems study of United States voting procedures; court operations; local, state and national lawmaking
    04 American Government Government; Practical Government; Political Studies; Federal Government; United States Government; Government and Decision Making; United States History and Government study of United States, local, and other political systems; recruitment; roles and decision making; official duties; executive, legislative, and judicial government branches
    05 Presidency Presidential Roles; Constitution and Presidency relevant constitutional study; presidential officeholders; presidential characteristics; scandals
    06 Framework of the Constitution Rights and Responsibilities; Constitutional History study of United States constitution; constitutional conventions and leaders; articles and amendments; basic rights
    07 Individual vs. State Liberty and the Law individual rights and state authority; case studies of landmark court decisions; formal and informal institutions of government; interest groups
    08 National State and Local Elections Government and Politics; Youth and Local Politics; American Politics; American Political Behavior; Political Issues; American Political Systems voter participation and responsibility; elections; representatives' roles, recruitment and decision making; experiential political participation; current events; campaign and media strategies
    09 Elections, Politics and Morality, Honors   elections operations; American voter behavior patterns; two party system; democracy theory; morality and politics
    10 Contemporary World Affairs Current Events; Current Affairs; Media and Politics; Critical Issues mass media informational analysis; national and international affairs; media political coverage; media techniques
    11 American Foreign Policy United States as a World Power; American Government in World Affairs policy from Spanish American War through present day; presidential foreign policies; current American policies; American government foundations; other government forms
    12 Decision Making in a Crisis Ideas in Conflict study of American political crises; decision making process; executive level analysis; philosophical and political controversies; social implications
    13 American Heritage, Honors Political Studies; Honors study of American government theory and development; primary source documents; theoretical applications to today's world
    14 Contemporary American Political Issues Contemporary American Problems; Contemporary American Issues; Citizenship; American Problems local, state and national government operations; economic issues; citizenship responsibilities; current events and historical origins; problem solving techniques
    15 Contemporary American Political Issues, Honors American Problems, Research governmental and non-governmental institutions; problem solving roles; contemporary conflict resolution; international relations; law and social problems
    16 American Government and Economics, Basic   government institutions; basic economic principles
    17 American Government and Economics Today's Problems; Problems of Democracy and Economics; American Institutions; Problems of Democracy social science orientation; political structure and parties; local, state, and national taxes, labor unions, and other economic issues; social problems; democracy
    18 American Government and Economics, Honors   social science orientation; political structure; economic issues
    19 Comparative Political Systems, Basic   world political systems; democracy and communism; political forms and leaders
    20 Comparative World Governments Comparative Political Systems major world political systems; democracy and communism; political analysis; Great Britain, U.S., France and Soviet Union
    21 Americanism vs. Communism   economic, social and political differences
    22 Americanism vs. Communism, Honors   economic, political, and social differences; state and local government; economics
    23 Communism and Its Growth   philosophy and growth; Soviet and Sino forms; political, economic and social effects; Western impact
    24 Civics, Honors European Civics selected topics in government and citizenship; national and international issues; mentor and internship opportunities
    25 Writings Influencing Government   philosophical and political literature; government development; ancient and modern works; Moses, Plato, Machiavelli, Locke, Madison, Marx
    26 Government Internship   visit to Washington, D.C.; seminars with political leaders; historic sightseeing
    27 Model Senate   senator identification and research; participatory student senate
    28 Political Leadership   student body officers; decision making; leadership skills
    29 Political Science   local, national, and foreign political processes
    30 Political Science, Advanced Placement   local, national and foreign political processes; recent national and international events; independent research; political experience; modern political science materials
    31 Political Science and Government - Local/Regional Government Field   visits to/internships with branches of local and regional government; seminars with leaders; historical sightseeing
    32 Political Turmoil   study of political crises brought about by anarchy; assassinations; civil wars; terrorism; border disputes
    33 Contemporary Issues, Basic Skills   modern social, economic and political issues; contemporary conflicts; government structure and function; problem solving techniques; critical thinking
    34 Pre-IB American Government/Economics    
    35 AP American Government and Politics    
    36 AP Comparative Government and Politics    
    37 IB American Government    
    00 Political Science and Government, Other    
  11   SOCIOLOGY   A group of instructional programs that describe human society, social institutions, and social relationships including the development, purposes, structures, and functions of human groups
    11 American Social Problems, Introduction Social Problems; Social Issues; Community and Intergroup Relations introductory course; social and political institutions; mass society and social problems; alcohol and drug abuse; aging; racial problems
    21 Sociology, General   social structure of society; social institutions; American society
    31 Sociology, Issues   social norms; male and female roles; social pressure; social class and mobility; social deviance
    32 The Poor in America   history, politics, and economics of poverty in America; rural and urban poverty; social impact of poverty; efforts to alleviate poverty - successes and failures
    41 Mobility in Society   advancement opportunities; social class distinctions; United States class system; class struggle
    51 Violence In America   aggression and violence; sociological causes; social effects; individual responsibility
    61 Death and Dying   social and cultural aspects; customs; attitudes
    71 Sociology, Honors   socialization; social organization; population studies
    81 Sociology, Research   human group behavior; original scholarly works; research methods and techniques; research project
    00 Sociology, Other    
  12   URBAN STUDIES   A group of instructional programs that describe the history, society, politics, culture, and economics of urban areas
    11 Urban Problems Urban Social Problems; City in United States History; Urban Environment and Problems; Urban Survival; Urban Studies financial repercussions; urban milieu versus suburban; urban field trips
    21 Urban Ecology   individual and government urban ecological responsibilities; demography and land usage
    31 Technology and Urbanization   urbanization; technological advancements and dependence
    00 Urban Studies, Other    
  99   SOCIAL SCIENCES, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in social sciences not described above.
    00 A group of instructional programs in social sciences not described above.