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CSSC Courses/Course Codes


CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
40     PHYSICAL SCIENCES   A summary of instructional programs that describe inanimate objects, processes of matter, energy, and associated phenomena.
  01   PHYSICAL SCIENCES   A group of instructional programs that generally describe the major topics, concepts, processes, and interrelationships of nonliving matter and associated phenomena.
    11 Science 8 Physical Science 8 basic physical science; chemistry; physics; laboratory experimentation
    21 Physical Science Science 9; Chemistry and Physics introductory course; basic scientific principles; chemistry; physics; structure of matter; scientific observation
    31 Chemistry and Physics Laboratory Techniques   career oriented; chemistry; physics; laboratory experimentation
    41 Physical Science, Applied   non-college oriented; practical applications; chemistry; physics
    00 Physical Sciences, Other General    
  02   ASTRONOMY   A group of instructional programs that describe matter and energy in the universe, including the solar system, stars, galaxies, and nebulae.
    11 Astronomy   astronomical principles; stars; planets; galaxies
    00 Astronomy, Other    
  03   ASTROPHYSICS   A group of instructional programs that describe the physical and chemical composition of celestial bodies, and of the interactions between matter and radiation within celestial bodies and in interstellar space
    00 Astrophysics, Other    
  04   ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES AND METEOROLOGY   A group of instructional programs that describe the chemical and physical properties of the mass of air surrounding the earth, and weather, including air masses and their motions, temperature, atmospheric pressure, clouds, and precipitation, and their relatively short-term interrelation on local, regional, and global scales
    11 Meteorology   weather; atmosphere; clouds; frontal weather conditions
    00 Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, Other    
  05   CHEMISTRY   A group of instructional programs that describe the micro and macro structure of matter, of the changes matter undergoes, of the energy involved in these changes, and of the models that interpret and the theories and laws that describe these phenomena
    11 Chemistry, Introductory Chemistry, General; Chemistry, Fundamentals; Chemistry Concepts; Chemistry, Interdisciplinary survey course; changes in composition; mole concept; oxidation and reduction; laboratory experiments; practical approach
    21 Chemistry 1 Chemistry, College Preparatory; Chemistry, Regents; Chemistry Study college prep; problem solving techniques; bonding; equilibrium; equation
    22 Chemistry 2 Chemistry, Advanced college level; structure of matter; chemical kinetics; solution chemistry; laboratory techniques
    23 Pre-IB Chemistry 1    
    24 IB Chemistry 2    
    25 IB Chemistry 3    
    26 AP Chemistry    
    31 Organic Chemistry; Organic Biochemistry Organic Biochemistry carbon compounds; stereochemistry; organic reactions; proteins
    41 Physical Chemistry    
    51 Consumer Chemistry Chemistry, Applied synthetic materials; industry and environment; household chemicals; consumer applications
    61 Chemistry, Independent Study   advanced chemistry; independent projects
    00 Chemistry, Other    
  06   GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES   A group of instructional programs that describe the history of the earth and other celestial bodies especially as recorded in rocks
    11 Earth Science Earth Science 9; Earth Science, General survey course; geology; astronomy; meteorology; fossils
    21 Earth Science, College Preparatory   accelerated course; earth environment; continental development; sedimentation; climate systems
    22 AP Environmental Science    
    31 Geology   erosion; glaciation; mountain formation; diastrophism
    32 Geology - Field Studies   local/regional field study of geological formations
    41 Mineralogy   minerals study; rock formation; field experiences
    00 Geological Sciences, Other    
  07   MISCELLANEOUS PHYSICAL SCIENCES   A group of instructional programs that describe specialized areas of the physical sciences not reflected in the other physical sciences groupings
    11 Oceanography   ocean landscapes; waves; currents; ocean ecology; estuaries
    00 Miscellaneous Physical Sciences, Other    
  08   PHYSICS   A group of instructional programs that describe the physical properties and interactions of matter and energy, including equilibrium, power, wave phenomena, mechanics, heat, electricity, magnetism, sound, light, special relatively, and the particular nature of matter
    11 Physics, General Physics Concepts; Physics, Applied survey course; motion; energy; gravity; major concepts in physics
    21 Physics 1 Physics, Regents; Physics, College mechanics; wave motion; nuclear physics; electricity; energy; problem solving
    22 Physics 2 Physics, Advanced; Physics, Honors advanced course; mechanics; electricity; waves; vector analysis; astrophysics
    23 IB Physics    
    24 AP Physics B    
    25 AP Physics C: Mechanics    
    26 AP Physics C: Electricity/Magnetism    
    31 Physics 2 without Calculus   advanced course; mechanics, electricity, waves; vector analysis; astrophysics; no calculus required
    41 Electricity and Electronics Science Electronics Science science oriented course; electrical and electronic theory; electromagnetism; power supplies
    51 Acoustics Physics of Sound sound and wave theory; nature of sound; amplification
    00 Physics, Other    
  09   PLANETARY SCIENCE   A group of instructional programs that describe the geology of planets other than the earth.
    11 Rocketry and Space Science Space Science rocket flight; space travel; planetary geology
    00 Planetary Science, Other    
    11 Aerospace Science   study of air travel; basic principles of flight and evolution of flight technology
  99   PHYSICAL SCIENCES, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in the physical sciences not described above.
    00 Physical Sciences, Other