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CSSC Courses/Course Codes


CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
38     PHILOSOPY AND RELIGION   A summary of groups of instructional programs that describe the critical examination of the categories for describing reality, the nature and contexts of human experience, the methodology of rational inquiry and criteria of practice philosophy; and the investigation of organized forms, beliefs, and practices related to eternal principles or transcendent spiritual entities (Religion)
  01   PHILOSOPHY.   A group of instructional programs that describe the basic truths and principles of being, and of knowledge, or conduct in such fields as ethics, metaphysics, and logic.
    11 Philosophy Systems of Philosophy; Philosophy Seminar elementary logic; study of famous philosophers; Plato; Aristotle; Descartes
    21 Ethics   study of what is right or good conduct
    31 Logic English Language, Logic and Reason; Clear Thinking principles of argumentation and logical reasoning; analysis and interpretation of data
    41 Epistemics   criticism of the way one observes, listens, reads, thinks, talks
    42 IB Theory of Knowledge    
    51 Social Justice Issues Peace and Social Justice study of social issues; nursing homes; mentally impaired treatment; pre-schools and child care
    00 Philosophy, Other    
  02   RELIGION   A group of instructional programs that describe the origin, histories, organized forms, beliefs, worship, and practices of specific religions
    01 Catholicism, Foundations Ritual and Symbol doctrine development; church history
    02 Who Is Jesus Person of Jesus study of the life of Christ; Gospels
    03 Scripture Testaments, Old and New; Christian and Hebrew Scriptures; Bible Studies life of Christ; Old Testament and New Testament, analysis and interpretation
    04 Moral Issues, Social and Individual Moral Thought and Decision Making study of Judeo-Christian principles and ways of making decisions; social issues such as nuclear power, civil rights, aging; individual rights such as sexuality, drug and alcohol use
    05 Marriage, Life Choices in Christian Living Christian Sexuality and Marriage; Alternative Christian Lifestyles marriage contracts as espoused in Christianity
    06 Comparative Religion Comparative Religion and Philosophical Systems comparison of Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Judaic, Christian values and beliefs
    07 Sacraments   study of Baptism; Confirmation; Eucharist; Penance; Ordination; Marriage; Extreme Unction
    08 Eastern Religious Thought Religions of the East from Hinduism to Zen history, beliefs, practices
    09 Religion and Psychology   interrelationship of religion and psychology
    10 Western Religions Religious Development In the West study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam history, beliefs, practices
    11 Religion and Literature   study of religious themes in literature
    12 Religion, Introduction Philosophy of Religion study of religion as a human phenomenon; skills with which to study a religion; nature and practice of developing a personal faith
    13 Prayer and Liturgy   study of role of personal and corporate worship experiences
    14 Judaism, Foundations   doctrine development; Jewish history and philosophy
    15 Protestantism, Foundations   historical overview of the development of various sects of protestantism, beginning with the reformation; doctrine and practice of specific denominations
    16 Religious Movements in America   historical study of the development of various religious sects in America, 1700 through the present
    17 Islam and the Koran   Mohammed and the birth and development of Islam around the world; the seven pillars of Islam and the philosophy of the Koran; Shiites, Sunnites and modern fundamentalism; reactionary groups and world politics
    00 Religion, Other    
  99   PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in philosophy and religion not described above.
    00 Philosophy and Religion, Other