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CSSC Courses/Course Codes

Section 32. BASIC SKILLS

CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
32     BASIC SKILLS   A summary of groups of instructional programs that describe the fundamental career and employment skills a person in normally thought to need in order to function productively in society.
  01   BASIC SKILLS, CAREERS AND EMPLOYMENT   A group of instructional programs that describe the
    01 Unused Code    
    02 Career Preparation So You Want A Job; Business Opportunities; Job Entry Training; College and Career Planning; Guidance job application; interviewing; promotional opportunities; work ethic; test taking; educational requirements
    03 Career Exploration Vocations, Introduction; Career Development; Work Observational Experience; Career Education; Occupational Exploratory Program business community exploration; career observation unpaid experiences; site visits; career planning
    04 Work Experience Job Entry employment skills; vocational instruction; job placement; unpaid experiences; short-term training
    05 Work Experience Advanced Job Training advanced experiences; vocational instruction; job placement; unpaid experiences; employment skills; short term training
    06 Cooperative Education 1   paid vocational training; full learning experience; job placement
    07 Cooperative Education 2   advanced experience; paid vocational training
    08 Unused Code    
    09 Unused Code    
    10 Unused Code    
    11 Unused Code    
    12 Unused Code    
    13 Unused Code    
    14 Unused Code    
    15 Unused Code    
    16 Unused Code    
    17 Unused Code    
    18 Unused Code    
    19 Unused Code    
    20 Unused Code    
    21 Off-Campus Vo Tech Training - Unspecified    
    31 Coordinated Vocational and Academic Education    
    00 Basic Skills, Career and Employment, Other    
    01 Resource Room (NON Special Ed)    
    11 Study Dynamics   study skill improvement; notetaking; research paper preparation
    21 Test Taking   general preparation for state competency exams in math, science, English, reading, writing, SAT, ACT
    31 Individualized Academic Program   dropout prevention, college preparation, tutorial assistance, e.g. project AVID
    00 Basic Skills, General, Other