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CSSC Courses/Course Codes


CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
27     MATHEMATICS   A summary of groups of instructional programs that describe the sciences of logical symbolic language and their applications.
  01   MATHEMATICS, GENERAL   A group of instructional programs that generally describe the sciences of logical symbolic language and their applications.
    01 Mathematics 7   basic computational skills; problem solving techniques; fractions; decimals; measurement systems; tables and graphs
    02 Mathematics 7, Accelerate   junior high mathematics; two years work; increased pace; pre-algebra topics
    03 Mathematics 8   arithmetic; metric system; real numbers; negative numbers; ratio and proportion; exponents
    04 Mathematics 8, Accelerated   junior high mathematics; pre-algebra topics; increased pace
    05 Unused Code    
    06 Mathematics 1, General Mathematics 1, Applied; Computational Skills 1 mathematical applications; whole numbers; fractions; decimals; informal geometry; statistics and graphs
    07 Mathematics 2, General Mathematics 2, Applied; Computational Skills 2 society utilization; simplified algebra; income tax; graphs; basic math reinforcement; computational skills
    08 Science Mathematics   correlated approach; science applications; data gathering; scientific notation; measuring devices
    09 Mathematics in the Arts Mathematics as a Liberal Art; History of Mathematics mathematics appreciation; cultural approach; mathematics in art; mathematics in music
    10 Mathematics, Vocational Shop Mathematics; Mathematics for Trade and Mathematics for Employment practical shop problems; applied arithmetic; applied geometry; metrics; skill development vocational applications; employment exams
    11 Technical Mathematics   applied algebra and geometry; technical training; numerical trigonometry
    12 Mathematics Review SAT Mathematics; Senior Math college entrance exam practice; overview course; reading questions
    13 Mathematics Tutoring   tutoring lower levels; instructional math games; teaching profession preparation
    14 Consumer Mathematics Mathematics Survival Skills consumer arithmetic skills; solving consumer problems; taxes; household budgets
    00 Mathematics, Other General    
  02   ACTUARIAL SCIENCES   A group of instructional programs that describes the mathematical and statistical methodology dealing with problems of risks in insurance.
    00 Actuarial Sciences, Other    
  03   APPLIED MATHEMATICS   A group of instructional programs that describe the real world systems by deterministic and probabilistic models.
    00 Applied Mathematics, Other    
  04   PURE MATHEMATICS   A group of instructional programs that describe number, form, arrangement, and associated relationships, using rigorously defined literal numerical and operational symbols.
    01 Pre-Algebra Algebra Skills; Algebra, Principles; Algebra, Introduction; Algebra, Basic; Algebra, Practical exploratory algebra; practical applications; graphing; exponents; negative integers; simple equations
    02 Algebra 1, Part 1   algebra 1 over two years; reduced pace; first half of Algebra 1
    03 Algebra 1, Part 2   algebra 1 over two years; reduced pace; second half of Algebra 1
    04 Algebra 1 Algebra, Elementary graphs, algebraic equations; radicals; linear equations; algebraic proofs; mathematical symbols
    05 Algebra 2 Algebra, Intermediate polynomials; irrational numbers; verbal problems; logarithms; binomial theorem; trigonometry
    06 Geometry, Plane   two-dimensional figures; logical proofs; area; planes; congruence; similarity
    07 Geometry, Solid   solids; space geometry
    08 Geometry   plane and solid geometry; theorems; construction problems; lines; volume; unified geometry
    09 Geometry, Informal Geometry, Physical; Geometry, Intuitive; Geometry, Practical; Geometric Design; Geometry, Occupational simplified geometry, de-emphasized proof; practical applications
    10 Algebra 3 Algebra, Advanced; Mathematics, Advanced; Algebra, College; Algebraic Systems relations and functions; theory of equations; probability; complex numbers; sequences and series; college level algebra
    11 Trigonometry   trigonometric functions; deductive reasoning; complex numbers; radian measurement; inverse functions; trigonometric equations
    12 Analytic Geometry Geometry, Advanced conic sections; exponential functions; logarithmic functions; trigonometric functions; axis rotation
    13 Trigonometry and Solid Geometry   combined course; one-half year trigonometry; one-half year solid geometry
    14 Algebra and Trigonometry   integrated course; advanced algebra topics; complex numbers; trigonometry; theory of equations
    15 Algebra and Analytic Geometry   integrated course; advanced algebra topics; analytic geometry
    16 Analysis, Introductory Mathematical Analysis; Pre-Calculus; Elementary Functions; Limits and Functions; Analysis, Elementary pre-calculus course; analytic geometry; limits; derivatives; quadratic functions
    17 Linear Algebra Matrix Algebra; Algebra, Honors matrices; solving linear systems; vector space; modern algebra topics; analytic geometry
    18 Calculus and Analytic Geometry   combined course; half year calculus; half year analytic geometry
    19 Calculus   differential and integral calculus; analytic geometry topics; limits; functions
    20 Calculus Advanced Placement Calculus, Advanced Placement Calculus AB, Advanced Placement Mathematics, Advanced Placement; Mathematics, Honors college level; calculus; analytic geometry; integrals; logarithmic functions; transcendental functions
    21 Mathematics 1, Unified   unified approach; logic; algebra; geometry; trigonometry; probability
    22 Mathematics 2, Unified   unified approach, logic; algebra; geometry; trigonometry; probability
    23 Mathematics 3, Unified   unified approach; logic; algebra; geometry; trigonometry; probability
    24 Mathematics, Independent Study Mathematics Strategies; Mathematics Topics; Mathematics, Competitive; Mathematics, Enrichment; Mathematics Seminar advanced studies; problem solving techniques; logic; number theory; math team
    25 Geometry, Part 1   geometry 1 taught over 2 years; 1st year full credit
    26 Geometry, Part 2   geometry 1 taught over 2 years; 2nd year full credit
    27 Unified Math 1, Part 1   Unified math taught over 2 years, 1st year full credit
    28 Unified Math 1, Part 2   unified math taught over 2 years; 2nd year full credit
    29 Pre-IB Geometry    
    30 Pre-IB Algebra 2/Trigonomery    
    31 IB Math Methods 1    
    32 IB Math Studies 1    
    33 IB Math Studies 2    
    34 IB Math Studies/Calculus    
    35 AP Calculus CD    
    36 Discrete Math   trigonometry, analytic geometry, probability and statistics, finite math
    37 Finite Math    
    00 Pure Mathematics, Other    
  05   STATISTICS.   A group of instructional programs that describe the probabilistic models involving a finite number of outcomes and the science of collecting, describing, and interpreting numerical data.
    11 Statistics   statistics fundamentals; probability theory; prediction
    21 Probability   probability theory; permutations; binomial theorem
    31 Probability and Statistics   probability theory; statistics fundamentals; survey analysis
    32 AP Statistics    
    00 Statistics, Other    
    01 Basic Math 1 Math Fundamentals; Developmental Math; Arithmetic Review; Mathematics, Remedial; Mathematics, Essentials; Mathematics Lab; Competency Mathematics; Mathematics, Basic terminal course; computational skills; remedial work; simplified approach, decimals; percents; arithmetic review; real-life applications; fractions, decimals, and percents; competency test preparation
    02 Basic Math 2 Remedial Math 2; Math Fundamentals 2; Developmental Math 2; Remedial Math 2; Remedial Math 10; Mathematics, Basic 2 continued arithmetic review; real life applications; fractions, decimals and percent; competency test preparation
    03 Basic Math 3 Remedial Math 3; Math Fundamentals 3; Developmental Math 3; Remedial Math 3; Remedial Math 11 or 12; Mathematics, Basic 3 intensive competency test preparation; individualized problem-solving; personal and job related uses of arithmetic; remedial math for non-English speakers
    04 Basic Math 4 Mathematics, Basic 4; Remedial Math 4 intensive competency test preparation; individualized problem solving; personal and job-related uses of arithmetic; remedial math for non-English speakers
  99   MATHEMATICS, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in mathematics not described above.
    00 Mathematics, Other