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CSSC Courses/Course Codes


CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
26     LIFE SCIENCES   A summary of groups of instructional programs that describe the systematic study of living organisms.
  01   BIOLOGY, GENERAL   A group of instructional programs that generally describes life forms, including the structure, function, reproduction, growth, heredity, evolution, behavior, and distribution of living organisms.
    11 Science 7 Life Sciences 7 animals, plants, cells; human body systems; environment; continuity
    21 Biology, Basic 1 Biology, Essentials; Biology, Patterns; Life Science; Natural Science; Biology, Functional basic course; organismic level; simplified approach; human body; functioning plants; functioning animals
    22 Biology, Basic 2   second-level basic course in biology for students who need a more simplified approach
    31 Biology, General 1 Biology; Biology, Regents; Biology, Introductory standard course; cellular level; community level; ecological relations; evolutionary development
    32 Biology, General 2   second-level biology course for average or college track students
    41 Biology, Honors 1   college preparatory course; quantitative approach; biosphere; physiology; heredity; molecular level
    42 Biology, Advanced College Biology; Honors Biology 2 second level course; evolutionary history; DNA and RNA; immunology; microbiology; advanced genetics
    43 Pre-IB Biology    
    44 IB Biology 2    
    45 IB Biology 3    
    46 AP Biology    
    51 Field Biology Biology, Regional local environment study; nature appreciation; field experiences; local flora and fauna; ecological relationships
    61 Genetics   mutation; heredity; genetic principles; DNA and RNA; recombination; viruses
    71 Biopsychology   human behavior; biological factors; environmental factors; conditioned response; reasoning behavior; behavior adaptation
    81 Biology Seminar Biology, Independent Study advanced biology topics; independent projects; biology research
    00 Biology, Other General    
  02   BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS.   A group of instructional programs that describe the chemistry of living systems, the biological phenomena that result from the interactions among these systems, including energy changes, and biological phenomena using physical principles and methods.
    11 Biochemistry   biochemical evolution; macromolecules; metabolism; glycolysis; photosynthesis; respiration
    00 Biochemistry and Biophysics, Other    
  03   BOTANY.   A group of instructional programs that describe the structure, function, reproduction, growth, heredity, evolution, and descriptions of plant life.
    11 Botany Plants and People; Trees and Shrubs, Local plant kingdom; plant evolution; classification; plant ecology; domestic plants
    00 Botany, Other    
  04   CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY   A group of instructional programs that describe the cell as a unit of organization in plants and animals, and the molecular structure and processes of living organisms.
    11 Cell Biology   cellular metabolism; cell physiology; cell division; cellular chemistry; cell evolution
    00 Cell and Molecular Biology, Other    
  05   MICROBIOLOGY   A group of instructional programs that describe microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, protista, protozoans, and certain fungi.
    11 Microbiology Bacteriology microbiological techniques; viruses; fungi; protozoans; bacteria; pathogenic organisms
    00 Microbiology, Other    
  06   MISCELLANEOUS SPECIALIZED AREAS, LIFE SCIENCES   A group of instructional programs that describe specialized areas of the life sciences not described elsewhere in life sciences.
    11 Ecology   biotic and abiotic factors; energy flow; mineral cycles; ecosystems; biomes
    21 Marine Biology Marine Studies; Biology, Aquatic marine science; ocean zones; seawater; habitats; marine taxonomy
    22 Marine Biology, Advanced Marine Biology 2 oceanography; marine ecology; field study procedures
    31 Anatomy   plant structure; animal structure; tissues; organs; systems
    00 Miscellaneous Specialized Areas, Life Sciences, Other    
  07   ZOOLOGY   A group of Instructional programs that describe animals, including their structure, reproduction, growth, heredity, evolution, behavior, and distribution.
    11 Zoology   animal kingdom; organ systems; dissection
    21 Zoology, Vertebrate   dissection techniques; vertebrate classes
    31 Zoology, Invertebrate   microscopy; parasitology; invertebrate phyla
    41 Animal Behavior   animal speciation; perceptual systems; genetics; ecology; wildlife management
    51 Physiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology; Human Biology human body; nutrition concepts; digestive system; circulatory system; nervous system; reproductive system
    52 Physiology, Advanced   advanced course; human body; blood chemistry; hormonal regulation; cellular and molecular respiration
    61 Pathology Health Biology disease processes; infections; systemic disorders; cancer; diabetes
    71 Comparative Embryology   history, concepts and basic scope of animal embryonic development; modes of reproduction
    00 Zoology, Other    
  99   LIFE SCIENCES, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in life sciences not described above.
    00 Life Sciences, Other