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CSSC Courses/Course Codes

Section 20 Vocational Home Economics

CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
20     VOCATIONAL HOME ECONOMICS   A summary of groups of instructional programs that emphasize the acquisition of competencies (including skills and job attitudes) needed for securing and holding paid employment at the entry and advanced levels, and/or preparing for advancement in occupations that use home economics education knowledge and skills. Vocational home economics education instructional programs are developed from home economics education subject matter areas to meet the unique requirements of the specific vocations. Programs that prepare individuals for paid employment include: (1) services to individuals/families; (2) assistance to professional home economists and professionals in fields related to home economics in industry, business, and public and private agencies; and (3) other services and/or assistance directly related to one or more of the home economics subject matter areas, offered in formal and/or informal settings combined with supervised laboratory and work experiences.
  01   CONSUMER AND HOMEMAKING HOME ECONOMICS   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals at all educational levels for the occupation of homemaking, emphasizing the acquisition of knowledge and the development of understanding attitudes, standards, values, and skills relevant to individual and family life. Includes instruction in consumer education, food and nutrition, family living and parenthood education, child growth and development, housing and home management (including resource management), and clothing and textiles; that emphasize the improvement of the home, the quality of individual and family life, and enhance potential employability. These programs prepare individuals for the multiple roles of homemaker and wage earner.
    11 Home Economics 7 Comprehensive Consumer and Homemaking 7; Homemaking 7; basic principles; foods and nutrition; clothing and textiles; consumer education; child care
    12 Home Economics 8 Comprehensive Consumer and Homemaking; Homemaking 8 basic principles and concepts; clothing and textiles; parenting; interpersonal relationships; consumer education; nutrition and foods
    13 Home Economics 1 Comprehensive Consumer and Homemaking; Homemaking 1; Homemaking, General; Home Arts introductory course; meal preparation and nutrition; home environment; child development; consumer education; family living
    14 Home Economics 2 Comprehensive Consumer and Homemaking Home Economics 2; Homemaking 2 intermediate course; clothing and textiles; housing; foods and nutrition; consumer education; child development; family living
    15 Home Economics 3 Comprehensive Consumer and Homemaking Home Economics 3; Homemaking 3 advanced course; young adulthood; management of resources; scientific food preparation; clothing and textiles; home environments
    16 Home Economics 4 Comprehensive Consumer and Homemaking Home Economics 4; Homemaking 4 advanced course; special individualized projects; interrelationships of work and family; incorporation of all home economics areas
    17 Adult Roles and Functions Independent Living; Survival Skills; Singles Survival advanced comprehensive high school course; parentage and family crises; interrelationship of work and family; housing; management; nutrition; consumer education
    18 Comprehensive Consumer and Homemaking Home Economics, Independent Study   individualized study; independent study all areas
    21 Child Development 8   care of small children; safety; play; creative activity; dressing and feeding
    22 Child Development 1   developmental stages; child interactions; dressing and feeding children
    23 Child Development 2   developmental stages; siblings; clothing characteristics; nutrition
    24 Child Development 3   childbirth; infancy; social, motor, physical and emotional development; language development
    25 Child Development 4   childbirth; infancy; social, motor, physical and emotional development; language development; exceptionalities; economic aspects
    26 Current Issues in Child Development   including the special needs child (gifted/handicapped); coping with divorce; the single-parent home; latch-key children; coping with death and dying; child abuse
    31 Clothing 7   project sewing; hand sewing; use of sewing machine
    32 Clothing 8   project sewing; introducing clothing construction
    33 Clothing 1 Sewing, Introduction; Sewing 1; Textiles and Clothing 1; Clothing Construction current fashions; sewing machine use; pattern selection; zipper application; hem finishes
    34 Clothing 2 Sewing, Intermediate; Sewing 2; Textiles and Clothing 2; Clothing Construction, Intermediate special fabrics; machine buttonholes; collars, sleeves
    35 Clothing 3 Sewing 3; Textiles and Clothing 3 advanced techniques; linings; buttonholes; fabric suitability; garment completion; study of textiles
    36 Clothing 4 Sports Wear; Alterations advanced course; tailor suits; children's clothes; sewing to meet special needs; alterations and repair
    37 Tailoring   intricate sewing; tailored suit making; cuffs; seams; alterations
    41 Consumer Education Economic Survival; Economics, Personal; Comparison Buying and Budgeting; Money Management, Personal; You and Your Money credit purchasing; money management; savings and checking accounts; comparison-shopping; decision making process; consumer protection and assistance
    42 Consumer Education 2   family finance; insurance; banking; economic principles; investments; decision-making process
    51 Home Economics Occupations 1, Exploratory Home Economics Job Training Exploration work experience; career choices; home economics; waitressing; clothing alterations assistant; interior decorator aide
    52 Home Economics Occupations 2, Exploratory   work experience; management skills; home economics individualized training; dietary aide; florist aid
    53 Home Economics Laboratory Assistant   home economics instructor assistance; materials storage; student assistance; teaching materials preparation
    54 Home Economics Leadership   community service; leadership qualities; family unity
    61 Family Health 1 Family Nursing accident prevention; home nursing techniques; diets; community health resources
    62 Family Health 2 Family Nursing, Advanced advanced home nursing techniques; care of elderly; diets
    71 Family Relations Family Sociology; Family Living peer relations; family relations; pre-marital concerns; parenthood; child abuse; divorce
    72 Marriage Society and Change Lifestyles   marriage issues; marriage partner choice; social trends; male/female relations
    73 Parenthood Parent Education; Parenting parenthood preparation; prenatal care; childbirth; infancy
    81 Foods and Nutrition 7   introduction to nutrition; introduction to basic cooking principles
    82 Foods and Nutrition 8   nutrition; health; preparation of simple meals
    83 Foods 1 Kitchen Survival; Meal Management; Family Meals; Nutrition and Food Management 1; Foods Preparation Basic cookery skills; simple meals; baking techniques; food buying; budgeting
    84 Foods 2 Cooking for Compliments; Nutrition and Food Management 2; Foods Preparation, Intermediate individualized cooking; entertaining; regional cooking; table settings
    85 Foods 3 Gourmet Foods; Foods, Experimental; Foods Preparation, Advanced foreign cuisines; advanced cooking techniques; cultural food customs; research paper
    86 Foods 4   advanced course; meal preparation; special desserts; roasts; application of scientific principles
    87 International Foods Foreign Foods cultural foods; authentic preparations; international eating habits
    88 Nutrition Fitness Foods eating patterns; nutrition science; consumer aspects; world hunger; fitness foods
    91 Home Management 1   family management; values, goals and standards; organizing a home and family activities
    92 Home Management 2   family economics; organization; systems; theories
    93 Home Economics - Cooperative Education 1    
    94 Home Economics - Cooperative Education 2    
    00 Consumer and Homemaking Home Economics, Other    
  02   CHILD CARE AND GUIDANCE MANAGEMENT AND SERVICES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals for occupations in child care and guidance, foster care/family day care and teacher assistance, often under the supervision of professional personnel. Includes instruction in child growth and development; nutrition; program planning and management; safety and behavior guidance; recreational and play activities; child abuse and neglect; parent-child personal relationships; learning experiences for children; interpersonal relationships; and laws, regulations, and policies relating to child-care services and maintenance of children's environments.
    11 Child Care Services Early Childhood Workshop; Child Development Services; Nursery School Training child growth and development; nutrition; program planning and management; learning experiences for children; laws, regulations and policies relating to child care services
    21 Child Care Aide   planning and organizing activities; physical, mental and social growth; development of acceptable behavior
    31 Child Care Management   developing and managing child care programs; financial operations; selecting or developing facilities; staffing, staff development; working with parents, community agencies and organizations
    41 Foster Care and Family Care Family Care Services special needs of deprived or handicapped persons; health and safety, nutrition, program/play activities; parental involvement; laws, regulation and policies related to family day care services
    51 Teacher Aide/Elementary   program planning for child development; playground activities; health and safety of children; administrative and managerial activities
    52 Teacher Aide/Secondary   pre-vocational training in teacher assistance at the secondary level
    61 Child Care - Cooperative Education 1    
    62 Child Care - Cooperative Education 2    
    00 Child Care and Guidance Management and Services, Other    
  03   CLOTHING, APPAREL, AND TEXTILES MANAGEMENT, PRODUCTION, AND SERVICES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals for occupations concerned with the entire spectrum of clothing, apparel, and textiles management, production, and services, including but not limited to construction; fabric and fabric care; pattern design; principles in clothing construction and selection; fitting and alterations of ready-to-wear garments; custom tailoring; clothing maintenance; and textiles testing.
    11 Clothing Occupations 1 Profitable Sewing 1; Fashion Design and Clothing Occupations occupational training; pressing tools; clothing alterations; industrial sewing machines
    12 Clothing Occupations 2 Profitable Sewing 2 tailoring techniques; linings; suit construction; job opportunities
    13 Clothing Occupations 3   fashion design; flat pattern drafting; alterations clothing accessories
    14 Clothing Occupations - Cooperative Education 1    
    15 Clothing Occupations - Cooperative Education 2    
    21 Clothing Maintenance Aide   types of repair, alteration, or cleaning; fitting and marking of garments for repairs; making repairs; assisting with laundering and dry cleaning of garments; pressing garments; assisting in keeping records
    31 Commercial Garment and Apparel Construction   design and construct ready-to-wear garments and apparel; designing and drafting patterns for standardized sizes; selecting appropriate fabric; cutting of fabric with commercial cutting equipment; stitching fabric on commercial power sewing equipment; applying finishes and notions to garments and apparel
    41 Custom Apparel Construction   metrication in measuring and fitting; constructing altering, and preparing garments for women, men, and children; using standard or power sewing machines or various hand stitches; laying out patterns on the fabric and cutting out fabric with hand or power driven scissors or shears; basting fabric pieces together and fitting garments to customers; specific seam finishes for particular fabrics
    51 Custom Tailoring and Alteration   constructing, altering, and repairing men's, women's, and children's garments; selection of design, fabric, notions to customer specifications; taking measurements and fitting; preparing patterns; cutting, sewing and altering by hand
    61 Wedding and Specialty Consulting   wedding etiquette; selection of attire for bride, groom, attendants, and others; fitting and marking garments for needed alterations; invitations, flowers, linens, and other home accessories; working with caterers and photographers; records of gifts; constructing, displaying, and selling wedding attire
    71 Fashion and Fabric Coordination   fashion design, trends, styles, and merchandising; selecting current fashion for figure types; fitting garments on customers; planning fashion shows; assisting home sewers with construction techniques; advising on quantity of fabric needed; measuring and cutting fabric; ordering, receiving, and display merchandise
    81 Textiles Testing   identifying qualities of various fibers, yarns, and fabrics; collecting and testing fabric samples; making elementary statistical calculations; comparing test results with samples or prepared standards; checking and calibrating various testing instruments using metrication; keeping laboratories clean
    91 Clothing Production Management   managing clothing production; textile production management
    00 Clothing, Apparel, and Textiles Management, Production, and Services, Other    
  04   FOOD PRODUCTION, MANAGEMENT, AND SERVICES.   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals in managerial, production, and service skills used institutional, commercial, or self-owned food establishments or other food industry occupations. Includes instruction in planning, selecting, storing, purchasing, preparing, and serving quantity food and food products; nutritive values; safety and sanitation precautions; use and care of commercial equipment; serving techniques; special diets; management of food establishments.
    11 Food Service Training Culinary Arts 1; Commercial Foods, Basic; Restaurant Occupations 1; Chef Class public food service; short order cooking; restaurant equipment operation; dining room operations; sanitation; planning, selecting, storing purchasing, preparing and serving quantity food and food products; nutritive values; use and care of commercial equipment; serving techniques; special diets
    12 Food Service Training 2 Culinary Arts 2; Commercial Foods, Advanced; Restaurant Occupations 2 food preparation; bakery operation; dinner catering; model restaurant; laws and regulations; unions; safety, sanitation; receive, store and issue food
    13 Food Services/
Restaurant Management
  coordination of food service activities; cost estimations; recordkeeping; personnel supervision; quality and service monitoring; dining room, bar, and banquet operations
    21 Food Service Cooperative Training Food Service, Vocational food service industry; on the job training
    31 Baking   baking, industry; pastry production; costing; production control; bakery ingredients
    41 Chef   use and care of commercial equipment; preparing quantity foods; controlled servings; selection, preparation and storage of foods; health and safety regulations
    51 Catering   social functions; food preparation; party foods; beverage service; equipment; decorations; health and sanitation regulations
    61 Dietetic Aide   special meal preparation; sanitary standards; professional dietician assistance; diet regulations; recordkeeping; emergency procedures
    71 Food Testing   identifying qualities of various foods; collecting and testing food samples as directed; making elementary statistical calculations; recording test results; comparing test results with samples or prepared standards; reporting variations from standards
    81 School Food Service Cafeteria Assistant planning, supervising, purchasing, preparing, and serving goods and food products in school food-service establishments; planning appetizing and nutritional menus; creating an environment for serving of foods; taking inventory of supplies and equipment; performing dishwashing tasks and storage of equipment or food according to health, safety and sanitation regulations
    00 Food Production, Management and Services, Other    
  05   HOME FURNISHING AND EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT, PRODUCTION, AND SERVICES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals in the entire spectrum of home furnishings and equipment. Includes instruction in assisting purchasers in selecting and maintaining suitable home furnishings and/or equipment; assisting interior designers, decorators, or professional home service directors; making slipcovers, draperies, curtain and window treatments, and upholstery; and designing accessories such as floral arrangements or decorations.
    11 Housing and Interior Design 1 Home and Interiors; Home Furnishings; Living Environments furniture arranging; floor plans; wall coverings; color selection; pleasing environments; principles of design
    12 Housing and Interior Design 2   varied types of housing; exterior and interior design; human and environmental factors influencing form and use of housing; living space designed to meet family needs
    13 Interior Design Occupations Home Environment Occupations assisting purchasers in selecting and maintaining suitable home furnishings equipment; assisting interior designers, decorators, or professional home service directors; slipcovers, draperies, curtain and window treatments, and upholstery; designing accessories, floral arrangements or decorations
    21 Floral Design   selecting appropriate containers, flowers, and accessories for special occasions or events such as weddings, dinners, banquets, and holiday celebrations; working with consumers, decorators, or caterers to plan and design floral arrangements arranging floral decorations; packaging and delivering the decorative arrangements
    31 Home Decorating   principles of design; color; developing plans for consumers; furnishings
    41 Home Furnishings Aide   assist interior designers/decorators in planning and decorating customers' homes or offices; constructing draperies, window treatment items, and other home accessories; coordinating arrangements of furniture, samples, and accessories in stores
    51 Custom Drapery and Window Treatment Design   art principles, color design, textiles, fabrics, and finishes; measuring and determining materials needed; determining cost of materials and labor; constructing various types of draperies and other window treatments; using chemical or other finishes to prolong the life of fabrics; installing draperies or other window treatment fixtures and other materials
    61 Custom Slipcovering and Upholstering   art principles, color schemes, textures, designs, and textiles; selecting fabrics, trims, and finishes; measuring and determining cost of materials and labor; identifying and using chemical treatments that prolong the life of fabrics or materials; constructing and using techniques and methods of upholstering, re-upholstering, repairing, and slipcovering
    71 Home-Service Assisting 1   demonstrating various kinds of large and small appliances to consumers; selecting, using, and caring for equipment for maximum consumer satisfaction and energy conservation; planning of kitchens, laundry areas, and other work places in homes, churches, community centers, schools, and other institutions
    72 Home Service Assisting 2    
    73 Home Service Asst - Cooperative Education 1    
    74 Home Service Asst - Cooperative Education 2    
    00 Home Furnishings and Equipment Management, Production, and Services, Other    
  06   INSTITUTIONAL, HOME MANAGEMENT, AND SUPPORTING SERVICES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals for occupations in institutional and/or executive housekeeping; hotel and/or motel; commercial cleaning; provision of services to the aged in their homes and in institutions; assistance in the management of household tasks; and assistance to consumers in decision making in relation to housing, food, clothing, community resources, and other homemaking concerns.
    11 Custodial Services   building careers; cleaning; floor surfaces; wall coverings; cleaning agents; supply purchasing
    21 Executive Housekeeping   advanced instruction and training to assume executive housekeeping duties such as establishing standards and procedures for housekeeping staff; planning work schedules; making recommendations to management for repairs, replacement, or relocation of furnishings, equipment, or space; keeping inventories of supplies and equipment; evaluating performance of staff with recommendations for promotion or dismissal
    31 Homemaker's Aide Homemaker's Assistant, Home Management child care guidance; food preparation instruction; home furnishing; home management counseling
    41 Companion to the Aged Geriatrics 1 assisting aged persons with personal, social, and business affairs; care for clothing and household linens; preparation and service of meals; safety; keeping house, answering correspondence and paying bills; outings for exercise or social activities
    42 Geriatrics 2 Senior Citizen Services Director  
    43 Geriatrics - Cooperative Education 1    
    44 Geriatrics - Cooperative Education 2    
    51 Consumer Aide   preparing menus or recipes; posting unit costs; demonstrating new food products and equipment; advising consumers on the use, care and storage of products and equipment; preparing information exhibits, displays, and handouts; performing personal shopping services
    61 Therapeutic Recreation Aide   recreational activities, equipment and supplies; maintaining records; escorting patients between nursing units and therapy centers; maintaining cleanliness and order in treatment areas
    71 Institutional, Home Management Support Services - Cooperative Education    
    00 Institutional, Home Management, and Supporting Services, Other    
  99   VOCATIONAL HOME ECONOMICS, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in vocational home economics not described above.
    00 Vocational Home Economics, Other