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CSSC Courses/Course Codes

Section 17 Allied Health

CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
17     ALLIED HEALTH   A summary of groups of instructional programs that prepare individuals to assist qualified health professionals in providing diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive, restorative, and rehabilitative services to patients in health care facilities, the home, and the community.
  01   DENTAL SERVICES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to provide supportive services to the dental profession, including performing dental prophylactic treatments, instructing persons in the care of teeth and mouth, and producing dentures and related appliances.
    11 Dental Assistant 1 Dental Office Assisting dental assisting skills; cancer development; filling materials; equipment care; x-rays
    12 Dental Assistant 2   dental assistant skill enhancement; terminal vocational program
    21 Dental Assistant, Cooperative   dental office work experience; dental assisting
    31 Dental Technology 1   dental laboratory training; dentures; crowns and bridges; precious metals; oral anatomy
    32 Dental Technology 2   theory of occlusion of teeth; dental prosthesis; jaw relations and corrective procedures
    00 Dental Services, Other    
  02   DIAGNOSTIC AND TREATMENT SERVICES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to use equipment and medical materials for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes by learning to apply roentgen rays and radioactive substances; prepare and administer radioisotopes; operate electrocardiograph, electroencephalograph, respiratory or dialysis equipment; provide technical assistance before, during, and after an operation; or render medical emergency treatment in a variety of situations that demand immediate care, such as heart attacks, childbirth, poisons, burns, and shock.
    11 First Aid CPR and First Aid; Medical Emergencies; Emergency Medical Technician cardiopulmonary resuscitation; first aid; emergency care; simulated emergencies
    21 EKG Technician   principles of operations and administration of electrocardiograms; patient vital signs; interpretation of EKG readings; troubleshooting
    00 Diagnostic and Treatment Services, Other    
  03   MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGIES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to carry out technical functions to obtain data for use in diagnosis, treatment and control of diseases, under the supervision of medical specialists. Includes instruction in the use of technical equipment and the administration of medical and/or chemical agents.
    11 Laboratory Program 1 Health Technology medical laboratory skills; staining techniques; sterilization; blood bank; urinalysis
    12 Laboratory Program 2   on-site laboratory training; paid experience; medical laboratory skills
    21 Chemical Technology 1 Chemistry, Qualitative; Chemistry Lab laboratory chemistry; instrumental application; vocational approach
    22 Chemical Technology 2   sophisticated apparatus; advanced laboratory procedures; technician training
    00 Medical Laboratory Technologies, Other    
  04   MENTAL HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to assist nursing and mental health personnel in the care and treatment of the mentally ill, aged, drug addicted, and physically handicapped. Includes instruction in new patterns of living and administering prescribed medication.
    11 Home Health Aide   home care assistance; elderly; convalescents; handicapped persons
    21 Community Health   community health services; environmental health; infant care; communicable diseases
    31 Mental Health Worker Psychiatric Aide entry-level training in mental health assistance; theories of mental and emotional disorders; basic non-professional crisis intervention; behavior management
    00 Mental Health/Human Services, Other    
  05   MISCELLANEOUS ALLIED HEALTH-SERVICES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to assist specialists in the health field in providing support functions in such areas as pharmaceutical, central supply, medical records, and the admissions/discharge of patients.
    11 Health Occupations 1 Health Careers; Medical Career Opportunities health careers orientation; nursing arts; laboratory technology; allied health occupations
    21 Health Occupations 2 Health Occupations Training; Medical Careers Work Experience work experience; health fields; paid basis; clinical settings
    22 Central Service Technician   equipment decontamination, packing, sterilizing, storage and distribution of medical equipment and supplies
    31 Medical Terminology   complex medical terms; medical office procedures
    41 Medical Records Secretary   medical office statistics; medical information requests; records filing supervision; disease coding
    51 Medical Assisting   physician assistant; medical office administration clinical duties; laboratory procedures
    61 Sports Medicine   athletic injury; prevention techniques; physiology kinesiology
    71 Veterinary Science Veterinary Aide veterinary assistance; animal production; animal health
    81 Chemistry for Health Science Medicinal Chemistry; Nursing Chemistry survey course; biochemistry; vitamins; practical applications
    91 Health Occupations, Independent Study   health occupations training; advanced independent study
    92 Health Occupations - Cooperative Education 1    
    93 Health Occupations - Cooperative Education 2    
    00 Miscellaneous Allied Health Services, Other    
  06   NURSING-RELATED SERVICES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to work under the supervision of a physician, nurse supervisor, or other qualified nursing staff member in providing nursing care to patients in hospitals, sanitariums, clinics, private homes, or other places by administering medications and treatments, assisting during treatment and examination of patients, or performing auxiliary services.
    11 Student Assessment of Child Health Health Office guided assessment experience; vision screening; hearing tests; health careers exploration; first aid
    21 Nursing, Practical Nursing, Introduction clinical experience; license preparation; nursing principles; anatomy; physiology; nutrition
    31 Nurse's Aide and Orderly Patient Care Technician; Nurse's Assistant nursing assisting, nursing homes; patient care; safety procedures
    41 Nurse's Aide, Cooperative   health oriented training; on the job experience; patient care
    51 Nurse's Mathematics   applied math; metric measurements; drug solutions; hospital applications
    00 Nursing-Related Services, Other    
  07   OPHTHALMIC SERVICES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to assist an ophthalmologist or optometrist in identifying vision defects, performing tests, administering treatment preliminary to examination or surgery, preparing and fitting eyeglasses or contact lenses, and directing corrective eye exercises.
    11 Optical Services Assistant   entry-level training to assist optometrist in vision examinations; care and use of glasses and contact lenses; assistance in frame selection; adjustment and repair of glasses
    00 Ophthalmic Services, Other    
  08   REHABILITATION SERVICES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to work under the direction of a physician or other appropriate specialist in assisting handicapped persons overcome or compensate for any loss of function and in restoring the individual's physical health.
    00 Rehabilitation Services, Other    
  99   ALLIED HEALTH, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in allied health not described above.
    00 Allied Health, Other