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CSSC Courses/Course Codes

Section 07 Business and Office

CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
07     BUSINESS AND OFFICE   A summary of groups of instructional programs that prepare individuals for a variety of activities in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling all business office systems and procedures. Includes instruction in preparing, transcribing, systematizing, and preserving written communications and records; preparing and analyzing financial records; collecting accounts and receiving and disbursing money; gathering, processing and distributing information and mail; operating office machines and electronic data processing equipment; storing, distributing, and accounting for inventories of materials; operating telephone switchboards and delivering messages; and performing other business office duties.
  01   ACCOUNTING, BOOKKEEPING, AND RELATED PROGRAMS.   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to systematize information about transactions and activities into accounts and quantitative records, verify accuracy of data by applying auditing principles, prepare budgets and financial reports, operate bookkeeping machines, and pay and receive money.
    11 Bookkeeping 1 Bookkeeping, Beginning financial statements; basic accounting elements; bookkeeping principles
    12 Bookkeeping 2 Bookkeeping, Advanced real world settings; financial management; corporate bookkeeping; advanced theory; partnership bookkeeping; cost accounting
    21 Accounting 1 Clerical Accounting 1 basic accounting; accounting cycle; depreciation; accruals; accounting theory; debit and credit; computerized accounting and spreadsheet
    22 Accounting 2 Accounting, Advanced; Accounting Careers; Clerical Accounting 2 advanced accounting; business ownership; simulations; managerial accounting; partnership and corporate accounting; cost accounting; advanced computerized accounting and spreadsheet
    31 Accounting, College   college level accounting; executive training
    41 Bookkeeping and Accounting 1   accounting theory; accounting cycles; financial reporting
    42 Bookkeeping and Accounting 2   occupational competency; accounting; partnerships; corporations; combined course
    51 Recordkeeping 1 Recordkeeping, Clerical business records procedures; financial transactions; petty cash; purchase cycle; small businesses; customer billing and sales systems; computerized recordkeeping
    52 Recordkeeping 2 Recordkeeping Techniques, Specialized advanced business recordkeeping; journalizing; financial statements; payroll; advanced computerized recordkeeping
    53 Personal Recordkeeping Home Finance personal bookkeeping skills, simple business records; personal finance
    61 Office Machines Business Machines; Adding and Calculating Machines calculator operations; adding machines; electronic calculators; computational machines; transcription equipment; reprographic equipment
    62 Office Machines, Vocational   adding and calculating machine operation; communications and transcription machines; simulation of office systems and procedures
    71 Business Mathematics 1 Business Arithmetic; Career Computation 1 interest computation; payroll; taxes; investments; discounts; commissions
    72 Business Mathematics 2 Business Arithmetic 2; Career Computation 2 commercial applications; basic computational skill
    00 Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Related Programs, Other    
  02   BANKING AND RELATED FINANCIAL PROGRAMS   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to perform financial or banking services. Includes instruction in credit collection, transit routing of notes and drafts, receiving and paying out money, and functions associated with processing loans and insurance claims.
    01 Banking and Financial Careers   overview and introductory skills in banking and related financial industry areas
    11 Bank Teller   banking study; teller training; field experience
    21 Financial Mathematics   banking interest; discounting notes; stocks; bonds insurance; basic computation
    31 Bank Proof Operator   encoding; scanning; listing; proof equipment operation
    41 Bank Data Entry Occupations    
    51 Banking and Financial Careers - Cooperative Education    
    00 Banking and Related Financial Programs, Other    
  03   BUSINESS DATA PROCESSING AND RELATED PROGRAMS   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to analyze and design data processing system configurations; write, test, monitor, debug, and maintain data processing programs; and operate computers and peripheral and data entry equipment.
    11 Computers In Business Business Computer Concepts survey course; business applications of computers; data processing principles; symbolic language
    21 Business Data Processing 1   introductory business applications; calculator operations; unit recording equipment; general data processing concepts; accounting systems
    22 Business Data Processing 2   business applications; business computer languages computer operations; accounting systems
    31 Business Computer Programming 1 Business Computer Applications business programs; computer applications in business; programming to solve business problems; using spreadsheets and database programs; advanced applications of spreadsheet and database programs
    32 Business Computer Programming 2   advanced business programs; typical business problems; additional programming languages; advanced applications of spreadsheet and database programs
    41 Key Punch Operator   keypunching; verifying; unit record equipment; coding
    51 Data Entry Operator 1 Computer Operator data entry; verification; disc equipment
    52 Data Entry Operator 2    
    61 Keyboarding   alphabetic and numeric keyboarding using touch method
    71 Peripheral Computer Operator   laser, impact printer operation
    00 Business Data Processing and Related Programs, Other    
  04   OFFICE SUPERVISION AND MANAGEMENT   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to supervise employees; budget, analyze, and coordinate clerical and other office activities; evaluate, organize, and/or revise office operations and procedures to establish uniformity in handling correspondence, records and other materials; design various layouts to facilitate maximum production and efficiency; evaluate employee records; and coordinate activities of clerical department and workers.
    11 Business English 1 Business Communications oral expression; memoranda; business messages; handwriting; telephone usage
    12 Business English 2   business letters; memoranda; business messages; skills enhancement
    13 Business English 3    
    14 Business English 4    
    00 Office Supervision and Management, Other    
  05   PERSONNEL AND TRAINING PROGRAMS   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to undertake organizational and facilitating functions associated with personnel administration.
    00 Personnel and Training Programs, Other    
  06   SECRETARIAL AND RELATED PROGRAMS   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to record and transcribe communications and to provide administrative support.
    11 Shorthand 1 Stenography 1; Shorthand, Beginning shorthand theory; shorthand fluency; new matter dictation; secretarial skills; introduction to transcription; text editing
    12 Shorthand 2 Stenography 2; Stenography, Advanced; Shorthand, Advanced intensive dictation; shorthand technique; stenographer training; skill enhancement; transcription production; text editing
    13 Speed Writing Shorthand for College; Notetaking; College Notehand personal use notetaking; rapid writing
    21 Transcription Dictation and Transcription; Transcription, Machine; Touch Shorthand; Machine Shorthand transcription techniques; transcribing typist training; business documents
    31 Secretarial Administration 1 Secretarial Practice; Secretarial Procedures; Secretarial Office Practice; Secretarial Typewriting, Integrated; Secretarial Skills, Integrated secretarial occupations; records management; human relations; general office workflow; advanced typewriting; etiquette; information processing; text editing
    32 Secretarial Administration 2   advanced shorthand and transcription skills; payroll; receptionist duties; personal employability skills; reprographics
    41 Word Processing 1   word processing equipment; memory typewriters; integrated typing projects; transcription and communication skills
    42 Word Processing 2   intensified work; word processing equipment; word processing center environment
    43 Word Processing 3 Advanced Word Processing Applications  
    51 Reprographics   office reproduction; printing; camera-ready copy
    61 Legal Office Procedures Legal Secretary legal office worker; legal terminology; legal documents
    62 Court Reporter   entry level skills for court reporting; legal and technical terms; English for court reporters; recordkeeping for court reporters; anatomy and medical terminology; jurisprudence; machine laboratory
    71 Medical Office Procedures Medical Office Assisting; Medical Secretary medical clerk typist; medical transcriptionist; insurance forms; patient assistance
    81 Legal/Medical Office Procedures   combined course introducing both legal and medical office procedures
    00 Secretarial and Related Programs, Other    
  07   TYPING, GENERAL OFFICE, AND RELATED PROGRAMS   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to record, duplicate, and retrieve data, including classifying, sorting and filing correspondence, records, and other data. Includes instruction in shipping and receiving procedures, stock and inventory maintenance, and operation of office machines.
    11 Typewriting 1 Typewriting, Beginning; Typewriting, Business touch method mastery; speed building; interoffice correspondence; stroking techniques; manuscripts; letters
    12 Typewriting 2 Typewriting, Advanced business tasks; vocational typewriting; interoffice correspondence; typewriting production applications
    13 Typewriting 3 Typewriting, Executive; Typewriting, Career speed and accuracy typewriting; business communications; efficient work habits; multiple copies
    21 Typewriting, Personal Word Processing, Personal touch typewriting; letters; reports; footnotes; personal use
    31 Office Procedures 1 Office Practice 1; Office Specialist 1; Automated Office 1; Office Skills, Integrated; Clerk Typist; Office Technology 1; Business Careers 1; Office Services 1; Clerk Typist 1 filing; transcribing machines; duplicating machines; job preparedness; office skills improvement; office machine operation; office systems; automated office procedures
    32 Office Procedures 2 Office Practice 2; Office Career Occupations; Automated Office 2; Office Careers 2; Office Technology 2; Office Specialist 2; Clerk Typist 2 job simulation; mail clerk; cashier; receptionist; improved business skills; office systems
    33 Simulated Office Model Office; Office Practice, Advanced; Business Experience, Simulated; Business Careers 3; Office Pool; Office Services, Advanced advanced job training; model office; typing simulations; office etiquette; actual work flow
    41 Office Education 1, Cooperative Clerical On The Job Training; Office Training, Vocational; Office Occupations Work Experience on-site training with related classroom instruction; office employment; working world orientation; business settings
    42 Office Education 2, Cooperative   advanced on-site training; office employment; paid experience with related classroom instruction
    00 Typing, General Office, and Related Programs, Other    
  99   BUSINESS AND OFFICE, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in business and office not described above.
    00 Business and Office, Other