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CSSC Courses/Course Codes

Section 05 Area and Ethnic Studies

CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
05     AREA AND ETHNIC STUDIES   A summary of groups of instructional programs that describe the history, society, politics, culture, and economics of either a particular geographic region or a particular subset of the population sharing common racial characteristics or common traits and customs.
  01   AREA STUDIES   A group of instructional programs that describe the history, society, politics, culture, and economics of a particular geographic region.
    01 Area Studies   survey of social, political, and cultural history; Africa, Latin America, China, Japan, Russia, India South Pacific, Europe
    02 American Studies, Basic   contemporary issues; culture; domestic and international politics; print media resources; practical economic issues
    03 American Studies, General American Studies, Regents; American Studies, Academic; American History and American Character survey of social, political, cultural and economic history; current events
    04 America's People and Problems Factors that Made America Great; American Social Change; Contemporary America contemporary American problems; social, political, and economic changes; achievements and failures; social awareness development
    05 American Studies, Honors   study of American culture, politics and economy
    06 New England Studies   social, political, cultural history; folklore; current events
    07 Old South   cultural traditions pre-Civil War; plantations; slave system; cotton culture
    08 American West American Frontiers; Wild West; How the West Was Won legend and reality; railroads and cowboys; philosophical and cultural contributions
    09 Southwest United States   social, political, and cultural history; Anazasi and Pueblo cultures; Spanish influences; current issues
    10 Anglo America   historical American and Canadian political, geographic and economic interdependence; resources and culture
    11 North America and Current Events   study of United States, Canada, and Mexico; interdependence; economic, political, and physical aspects; news analysis and reporting
    12 North and South America   political, economic, physical, and cultural differences; international trade issues
    13 Latin America Latin American Studies; Latin America and the Caribbean; Mesoamerica; South America Indian heritage; Latin American roots; colonization; current economic, political and social problems
    14 World Studies 1 World Cultures 1 ancient civilizations; non-western culture; Egypt, Greece, Rome, American Indian, Medieval Europe; Africa, Latin America, Orient, Polynesia; religion and cultural development
    15 World Studies 2 World Cultures 2 modern world historical development; Renaissance through the 20th century; history, science, industry and culture
    16 World Studies, Honors World Cultures, Honors ancient civilizations; non-western history; modern world development; international, economic, political and social 20th century issues
    17 Comparative World Cultures   comparative world culture study; geography, economics, political science, history and humanities
    18 European Culture Studies, Basic Western Europe on the Move chronological development of European history; Western philosophies; America's European inheritance
    19 European Culture Studies, General Western European Culture Studies, Academic; Europe and Current Events; Western Man; European Culture Studies, Regents ancient through modern times; world impact; cross-nation comparison; news analysis
    20 European Culture Studies, Honors Western European Culture Studies, Honors forces and trends shaping Western thought and civilization; America's European inheritance
    21 Developing Nations Developing World; Emerging Nations contemporary Third World nation development; People's Republic of China; traditional cultures; current news
    22 African Area Studies African Cultural Area historical African civilizations; colonization; independence struggles; racial issues
    23 Africa and South America   civilizations, cultures and governments; multiple nation arrangements
    24 Asian and African Cultural Studies, Basic   geography; history and economics; culture; political science; current events
    25 Asian and African Cultural Studies, General Asian and African Cultural Studies, Regents geography; history and economics; culture; political science; current events
    26 Asian and African Cultural Studies, Honors   geography; history and economics; culture; political science; current events
    27 Asian Studies East Asian Studies; Oriental Cultures; Chinese and Japanese Cultures; Orient; Land of Mystery cultural groups; history; present world status; China, Japan, Korea, and India
    28 History of China   social, cultural, political, and economic institutions; cultural, political and social changes; geographic background
    29 Asia, Africa and Mideast   colonization; living standards; world influence; physical, economic, and political features
    30 Africa and Middle East   developing nations; race relations; cultural conflicts; United States relations
    31 Middle Eastern Studies   history and culture; social, political, and economic issues
    32 Middle East, War for Survival   study of Arab nations and Israel; historic relationship; international impact
    33 U S S R Russian and Slavic Studies; Soviet Union; Making of Modern Russia; Soviet Area Studies traditional Russia; revolution; Soviet Union; modern technology; satellites; communism
    34 Soviet Union and China   traditional and modern China; 19th and 20th century Russia; political, economic, social, and historical aspects
    35 Soviet Union and Afro American Developing Nations   study of Russia, Latin America, Africa, and Middle East; political, religious, educational, and daily living components
    36 History of Russia   past and present; political, social, and economic conditions; communist system
    37 Neglected World   study of Pacific Islands; forgotten nations; historical and cultural survey
    38 Global Education Global Perspectives; Global Studies; Global Issues; World Problems study of nations' interdependence; food energy, environment, and human rights; US role in world relations
    39 Pacific Rim Nations   all nations situated on the Pacific Ocean - geography, natural resources, people, cultures, trade patterns, political relations with neighbors
    40 Canadian Area Studies   study of Canada, past and present, political, social and economic factors, relations with the US and UK and other countries
    00 Area Studies, Other    
  02   ETHNIC STUDIES   A group of instructional programs that describe the history, society, politics, culture, and economics of subsets of the population sharing common racial characteristics or common traits and customs.
    11 Minorities in America Minority Groups in the United States; Minorities; Minorities in United States History; Multi Ethnic Cultures; United States Cultures; American Intercultural Heritage; Minority People racism; cultural behavior patterns; cultural identity; cultural equality
    21 Ethnic and Family Heritage   tracing family ethnic history; various field and literature research strategies
    31 Afro American Studies Black Experience; Afro American Culture and History; Black Studies; Black History; American Black History cultural heritage of the Afro American; political development; arts; social change; national and local heritage study
    41 Economics of Afro Americans   economic development and problems; American Black culture
    51 Indians of North America American Indians vanished and existing native American cultures; history and present life style
    61 Jewish Historical Significance   study of Jewish cultural contributions, ancient to modern times; American Jewish culture
    71 Mexican American Heritage Mexican American Studies history and culture of the Chicano; contemporary social issues; occupational problems
    81 Hawaiiana   study of the Hawaiian people and culture; origins; ancient cultural groups
    91 Hawaiian Culture Studies, Modern   multicultural understanding emphasis; Hawaiian culture and student ethnic identities; social skill development; foreign student assistance
    00 Ethnic Studies, Other    
  99   AREA AND ETHNIC STUDIES, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in area and ethnic studies not described above.
    00 Area and Ethnic Studies, Other