Table U-2. Percentage distribution of 2009 ninth-graders attending a school with a low, medium, and high counselor caseload and the average counselor caseload in 2012, by school control

      Percent in each caseload category       Average counselor caseload
by caseload category
School control     Low Medium High   Average
  Low Medium High
  Total     26.7 30.8 42.5   374.9   219.6 335.1 502.5

    23.1 31.5 45.3   388.1   235.5 335.6 502.4
Private     76.4 20.7   202.4   157.6 325.2 502.8
‡: Reporting standards not met. Either there are too few cases for a reliable analysis, or the coefficient of variation is greater than 50 percent.
NOTE: Counselor caseload refers to the First Follow-up high school counselor report of the average caseload for a counselor at their school, entered as the number of students per counselor. Caseload is a continuous variable based on counselor report of the typical number of students per counselor at the school. Each caseload category accounts for roughly one-third of the sample in the unweighted data. Low caseload ranges from 40 to 299 students, medium caseload ranges from 300 to 399 students, and high caseload refers to schools with counselors responsible for 400 or more students. Cases where the respondent did not know whether they met with a counselor are excluded from the analyses. These represent approximately 8 percent of weighted cases. The person weight used is W3W1W2STU student longitudinal weight.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (HSLS:09) Base year, First Follow-up, and 2013 Update.