Available Data

Due to our confidentiality legislation, you will need to obtain (or amend) an NCES restricted data license if you want to access all raw data from some surveys.

Please visit https://nces.ed.gov/pubsearch/licenses.asp and https://nces.ed.gov/statprog/instruct_apply.asp?type=rl for more information.

All variables available across the study can be viewed here: Study Variable List (416 KB)

The DataLab data tools enable analysts to generate estimates from unit record NCES public-use or restricted-use datasets without having to obtain a restricted-use license. Additionally, the DataLab tools properly account for NCES studies' complex sample designs, including the correct calculation of standard errors.

PowerStats can be used to generate complex averages, percentages, medians, and centile tables. It can also perform linear and logistic regressions and correlation matrices. Users are able to select from a complete list of thousands of variables.