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Data Analysis System (DAS)

The Data Analysis System (DAS) is a software application that provides public access to NCES survey data. The DAS allows users to produce tables and correlation matrices from NCES data sets, mainly postsecondary data. There is a separate DAS for each data set, but all have a consistent interface and command structure. Each DAS runs in two modes-Tables and Correlations-and is available both in a Windows- and web-based format.

DAS Online is the web-based version of the DAS. Users can create programming instruction files, run tables, and view output using a web browser. They can also import a Table Parameter File (TPF) or Correlations Parameter File (CPF), modify it, and run the new file online. In the Tables mode, the DAS will create a table of estimates, corresponding standard errors that are calculated by taking into account the complex sampling designs used in NCES surveys, and weighted sample sizes for the estimates.