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Table 12. Percent of K-12 public school teachers who taught only kindergarten and all other teachers indicating they or their students use educational technology often for various purposes: 2009

  Grades taught by teacher at sampled school
Educational technology use Kindergarten-only   All other grades1
Teacher or students use computers      
during instructional time in the classroom 45   40
Students create or use graphics or visual      
displays (e.g., graphs, diagrams, pictures,      
maps) 8   16
Students learn or practice basic skills (e.g.,      
reading or math skills) 46   32
1 Includes all other combinations of grades taught by teachers, which may include Kindergarten.
NOTE: The data for "Teacher or students use computers during instructional time in the classroom" focuses on time teachers directly interact with children. The other two activities detailed in the table can occur outside of time spent directly with the teacher. The three variables shown are independent of one other.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Fast Response Survey System (FRSS), "Teachers' Use of Educational Technology in U.S. Public Schools," FRSS 95, 2009.