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E.D. TAB: Advanced Telecommunications in U.S. Public Elementary and Secondary Schools, 1995
NCES: 96854
March 1996

Appendix E—Background Information

The survey was conducted under contract by Westat, Inc., using the NCES Fast Response Survey System (FRSS). Westat's Project Director was Elizabeth Farris, and the Associate Project Director and Survey Manager was Sheila Heaviside. Judi Carpenter was the NCES Project Officer. The survey was requested by Linda Roberts of the U.S. Department of Education. Gerald Malitz at NCES coordinated the survey request and collaborated with Westat on the data analyses and report writing.

This report was reviewed by the following individuals:

Outside NCES

  • Oona Cheung, Council of Chief State School Officers

Inside NCES

  • Michael Cohen, Statistical Standards and Methodology Division
  • William Freund, Postsecondary Education Statistics Division
  • Kerry Gruber, Elementary/Secondary Education Statistics Division
  • Frank Johnson, Elementary/Secondary Education Statistics Division
  • Marilyn McMillen, Elementary/Secondary Education Statistics Division

For more information about the Fast Response Survey System or the Survey of Advanced Telecommunications in U.S. Public Schools, K-12, contact Judi Carpenter, Elementary/Secondary Education Statistics Division, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, National Center for Education Statistics, 555 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20208-5651, telephone (202) 219-1333.