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Services and Resources for Children and Young Adults in Public Libraries
NCES: 95357
September 1995

Library Cooperation with Other Organizations Serving Young Adults

In addition to providing resources directly to young adults, many public libraries cooperate with various youth-sewing organizations such as schools by coordinating or planning cooperative activities, providing space, or providing information. Seventy-six percent of public libraries reported occasionally or frequently working with schools (Table 17). About half (54 percent) worked with youth organizations, 27 percent with at- risk programs, and 23 percent with health or mental health agencies.

Nineteen percent of libraries worked with cultural institutions, 17 percent with recreational institutions, and only 9 percent with correctional facilities on an occasional or frequent basis.

Libraries with medium to large numbers of patrons and those with a young adult or youth specialist were more likely to work with each of these organizations than libraries serving fewer than 200 patrons per week and those without a youth specialist.