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Services and Resources for Children and Young Adults in Public Libraries
NCES: 95357
September 1995

Young Adult Usage of Library Services and Resources

Young adults are fairly frequent users of most available library services (Figure 13). Among the popular and fairly widely available services are video recordings or films, books, reference assistance and periodicals.

However, several of the most popular young adult services are relatively scarce. Computer resources, available for young adults in only 25 to 31 percent of libraries, are among the most popular and heavily used according to libraries with these services in place. Where available, 71 percent of libraries report moderate to heavy use of personal computers, 73 percent report such usage for computer software, and 75 percent such usage for CD-ROM software (Figure 14). Computer information services, although more widely available with 53 percent of all libraries providing this service for young adults, are moderately or heavily used by patrons of 78 percent of these libraries, demonstrating a disparity between availability and usage for this key item (Figure 13).

Young adult book and film discussion groups, homework assistance programs, tutoring, and young adult advisory boards show large discrepancies between availability and usage patterns.