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Effects of Energy Needs and Expenditures on U.S. Public Schools
NCES: 2003018
June 2003


The authors wish to thank the many individuals who contributed to the development of the survey and this report. Numerous NCES staff reviewed the report and made constructive comments and suggestions, including Robin Gurley, William Hussar, Val Plisko, Marilyn Seastrom, Lee Hoffman, Katie Freeman, and Karen O’Conor. Alicia R. Williams, Director of Survey Research, Educational Research Service, also reviewed the report and offered useful suggestions. Alan Swenson, Analyst, Energy Information Administration, provided helpful information on educational facilities.

At Westat, Debbie Alexander directed the data collection efforts, assisted by Ratna Basavaraju. Rachel Jiang was the programmer. Carol Litman edited the report, which was formatted by Sylvie Warren. Additional word processing support was provided by Catherine Marshall.