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High School Guidance Counseling
NCES: 2003015
August 2003


The authors wish to thank the many individuals who contributed to the development of the survey and this report. The survey was requested by Gisela Harkin of the Office of Vocational and Adult Education. Sharon Belli and Gisela Harkin contributed to the development of the survey.

At Westat, Tim Smith provided valuable input throughout the survey development and pretesting phases. Debbie Alexander directed the data collection efforts, assisted by Ratna Basavaraju. Alla Belenky, Robert Delfierro, and Peter Wobus were the programmers. Carol Litman edited the report, which was formatted by Sylvie Warren.

The NCES staff who reviewed the report and provided valuable suggestions include William Hussar, Val Plisko, John Ralph, Kathryn Chandler, Patrick Rooney, Lance Ferderer, Marilyn Seastrom, and Bruce Taylor. Reviewers outside of NCES were Steve Equall of the Nebraska Planning and Fiscal Management for Career and Technical Education, Gisela Harkin and Carolyn Lee of the Office of Vocational and Adult Education, U.S. Department of Education, Kimberley Green of the National Association of State Directors of Vocational-Technical Education Consortium, Daniel Goldenberg of Policy and Program Studies Service, and Stephanie Cronen, Lawrence Lanahan, and Sally Dillow of the American Institutes for Research, Education Statistics Services Institute.