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Computer and Internet Access in U.S. Private Schools and Classrooms: 1995 and 1998
NCES: 2000044
February 2000


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Issue Briefs

Issue Briefs present information on education topics of current interest. All estimates shown are based on samples and are subject to sampling variability. All differences are statistically significant at the 0.05 percent level. In the design, conduct, and data processing of NCES surveys, efforts are made to minimize the effects of nonsampling errors, such as item nonresponse, measurement error, data processing error, or other systematic error. The data reported in this Issue Brief have been combined from 3 separate independent surveys—1994, 1995, and 1996. There is a potential for a small amount of bias associated with the absence of schools built between the administration of each of the three surveys and 1998.

This Issue Brief was prepared by Sheila Heaviside and Cassandra Rowand of Westat, David Hurst of ESSI, and Edith McArthur of NCES. To obtain standard errors or definitions of terms for this Issue Brief, or to obtain additional information about the Fast Response Survey System or the FRSS telecommunications surveys, contact Edith McArthur at To order additional copies of this Issue Brief or other NCES publications, call 1-877-433-7827. NCES publications are available on the Internet at