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Computer and Internet Access in U.S. Private Schools and Classrooms: 1995 and 1998
NCES: 2000044
February 2000

Additional Information

This Issue Brief has described the marked increase in access to computers and the Internet among private schools and their students from 1995 to 1998. Over that time, the average student to computer ratio decreased from 9: 1 to 6: 1, while the percent of schools with access to the Internet increased from 25 to 67 percent. A full report on the results of the 1998 survey, Survey on Advanced Telecommunications in U. S. Private Schools: 199899, will be released by NCES in the spring of 2000. The report will include additional information on computer and Internet availability, the use of advanced telecommunications, sources of support for advanced telecommunications, and on similarities and differences with public schools.