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Computer and Internet Access in U.S. Private Schools and Classrooms: 1995 and 1998
NCES: 2000044
February 2000

What advanced telecommunications training for teachers do private schools offer or participate?

To provide information about the preparedness of private school teachers to use technology in their classrooms, items about the types of advanced telecommunications training private schools offered or participated in were included for the first time on the 1998 survey. In 1998, 64 percent of private schools offered or participated in some type of ad-vanced telecommunications training for teachers (figure 1). The most common type of training was on the use of computers, with 60 percent of private schools offering or participating in this type of training. Catholic schools were more likely than nonsectarian schools and other religious schools to offer or participate in training for teachers in computers, Internet access, and integrating technology into the curriculum (not shown in tables).