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Status of Education Reform in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools: Teachers' Perspective
NCES: 1999045
February 1999

Implementing High Standards for Students with Special Needs

For new standards to be fully applied, they must be incorporated into the curriculum for all students. The survey asked teachers to report on the application of high standards to two special groups of students-those with limited English proficiency and those with disabilities (Table 4 and appendix Table B-4, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). Seventy-nine percent of teachers reported that students with disabilities were enrolled in their classes, and 56 percent reported teaching students with limited English proficiency.

One-third of the teachers with students with limited English proficiency reported that they applied the same high standards of performance to these students to a great extent. Similarly, 28 percent of teachers with students with disabilities enrolled in their classes reported doing so. With regard to the need for information, 26 percent of all teachers reported they very much needed information to help students with limited English proficiency, and 31 percent of all teachers very much needed information on helping students with disabilities achieve to high standards (Table 4 and appendix Table B-4, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4).