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Service-Learning and Community Service in K-12 Public Schools
NCES: 1999043
September 1999


The survey was performed under contract with Westat, using the NCES Fast Response Survey System (FRSS). Westat's Project Director was Elizabeth Farris, and the Survey Manager was Rebecca Skinner. Bernie Greene was the NCES Project Officer. The data were requested by James Kohlmoos, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, U. S. Department of Education, and Terry Peterson, Senior Advisor to the Secretary, U. S. Department of Education. The study was jointly sponsored by NCES and the Corporation for National Service.

Many individuals made substantial contributions to the development of this Statistics-in-Brief. This Brief was prepared under the direction of Martin Orland, Associate Commissioner for the Early Childhood, International, and Crosscutting Studies Division.

Recognition is extended to Bob Seidel, Charles Helfer, and Amy Cohen of the Corporation for National Service. Their substantive expertise was critical in the writing of the report. Alan Melchior from the Center for Human Resources, Brandeis University, Robert Shumer at the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse and Becky Smerdon from the American Institutes for Research provided valuable comments on draft versions of this Brief.

Within the National Center for Education Statistcs, the report was reviewed by Ellen Bradburn, Bruce Taylor, Dawn Nelson, Arnold Goldstein, and Marilyn McMillen.

For a copy of the questionnaire, National Student Service-Learning and Community Service Survey, or for more information about the Fast Response Survey System, contact Bernie Greene, Project Officer, National Center for Education Statistics, 555 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20208-5651 or at 202-219-1366. This report and other NCES reports are available on the NCES web site at