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Table 6. Percentage of 2003-2004 high school seniors and percentage distribution of their postsecondary enrollment status in 2006, by sources of college information reported in 2004: 2006

      Postsecondary enrollment status  
College information sources Percent of 2003-2004
high school
  Enrolled in 2006 1   Not enrolled in 20062   Never enrolled3  
Total 100.0   61.1   15.1   23.9  
High school staff4                
Yes 85.0   70.5   15.0   14.4  
No 15.0   56.9   16.9   26.2  
Family and friends5                
Yes 78.0   72.0   14.9   13.1  
No 22.0   56.1   16.9   27.0  
College specific sources6                
Yes 78.9   74.1   14.3   11.6  
No 21.1   47.3   19.3   33.3  
General sources7                
Yes 56.9   74.0   14.0   12.1  
No 43.1   61.3   17.1   21.6  
None of the above                
English 2.7   27.9   20.3   51.7  
Non-English 97.3   69.6   15.2   15.2  
1 Enrolled in 2006 includes all respondents who were enrolled in postsecondary education at the time of the 2006 survey regardless of when they first enrolled.
2 Not enrolled in 2006 includes respondents who indicated an "immediate" postsecondary enrollment but were no longer enrolled at the time of the second follow-up in 2006; or who indicated a delayed postsecondary enrollment but were no longer enrolled at the time of the second follow-up in 2006.
3 Never enrolled includes respondents who had not been enrolled in postsecondary institutions at any time since leaving high school, or were still enrolled in high school at the time of the second follow-up in 2006.
4 High school staff includes Guidance counselor, Teacher, and Coach.
5 Family and friends include Parent, Brother or sister, Other relative, and Friend.
6 College specific sources include College representatives and A college's publication or website.
7 General sources include College search guides, publications, or websites; School library; Public library; and College or university library.
NOTE: Respondents could participate in more than one program. Participation includes any grade or grades. Totals are weighted by F2QWT and other estimates are weighted by F2F1WT. The flag variable G12COHRT was used to produce data that are based on 2003-2004 high school seniors interviewed in both 2004 and 2006. Details may not sum to 100 percent due to rounding.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, "Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 (ELS: 2002) Second Follow-up, 2006."