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Table 2. Percentage distribution of 2003-2004 high school seniors ever enrolled in a postsecondary institution, by sector of first postsecondary institution attended and college preparation program: 2006

College preparation program Public 4-year   Private 4-year1   Less than 4-year2  
Total 43.3   14.9   41.9  
Talent search            
Yes 45.5   15.1   39.4  
No 40.8   14.8   44.4  
Upword bound            
Yes 38.2   16.3   45.6  
No 54.3   11.6   34.1  
Other program (including Gear Up)            
Yes 46.6   12.9   40.5  
No 34.8   20.9   44.3  
1 Private includes both private for-profit and private not-for-profit postsecondary institutions.
2 Less than 4-year includes 2-year or less postsecondary institutions that are public, private for-profit, or private not-for-profit.
NOTE: Respondents could participate in more than one program. Participation includes any grade or grades. Totals are weighted by F2QWT and other estimates are weighted by F2F1WT. The flag variable G12COHRT was used to produce data that are based on 2003-2004 high school seniors interviewed in both 2004 and 2006. Details may not sum to 100 percent due to rounding.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, "Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 (ELS: 2002) Second Follow-up, 2006."