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Available Data and Related Products

ELS:2002 has recently switched from mailing a CD-ROM with the ELS data on it to an online downloading tool, called Online Codebook, to provide users access to Public-use data files.

Important Information About ELS:2002 Data

  • How do you figure out whether you need Public-use or Restricted-use data?
    • It depends on your variables of interest!
    • A spreadsheet for comparing the variables included in all of the ELS Restricted- and Public-use data files can be found here: ELS Variable List (960 KB)
  • Restricted-use Data can only be obtained by CD-ROM, after obtaining a Restricted-use license
    • After the license is awarded, the requested data file(s) are mailed to the license holder by express mail.
      • How long does this process generally take? Typically, 3 weeks, provided there is no problem with your license paperwork.
    • Don’t worry if your project changes: Licenses can be amended to obtain additional ELS Restricted-use data or Restricted-use data from other NCES surveys.
  • You only need to obtain one ELS data file, because each one includes all prior follow-ups
    • For example, the Public-use Online Codebook data file includes all data collected in the Base Year, First Follow-up, Second Follow-up, as well as the Third Follow-up.

Summary of all available ELS:2002 data:

ELS:2002 Base Year to Third Follow-up Data Availability
  Base Year First follow-up High school transcripts Second follow-up Third follow-up Postsecondary transcripts
Year conducted: 2002 2004 2005 2006 2012 2013
Date available: Now Now Now Now Now Now
Restricted-use (DVD) 2015-035
Public-use (Online Codebook) 2015-314   Some composite variables available

ELS:2002 Data on CD-ROM, with Electronic Code Book (Restricted-Use)

  • These data are available only in the form of an Electronic Codebook (ECB), a Windows application that must be installed on your computer. This ECB performs essentially the same variable selection and analysis file generation functions as the Online Codebook application.
  • Step 1: Obtain a Restricted-use license for the Restricted-use data file: ELS:2002 Base Year to Third Follow-up Postsecondary Transcripts Restricted-use data (NCES 2015-314).
  • Step 2: Once a license is granted, the requested data are sent by express mail to the licensee by an IES Security Officer.

Other special purpose ELS:2002 Restricted-use data files that can be obtained by license amendment once a license is granted are:

  • Census data: a data file of residential census tract and block information for ELS:2002 Base Year
  • Test Item Database: a database containing the item parameters and sample member item scores for all ELS:2002 tests items
  • Barron’s Competitiveness: a data file of the Barron’s Competiveness Index for all colleges applied to or attended by an ELS:2002 Second Follow-up sample member.