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The EDSCLS national benchmark study questionnaires for students, instructional staff, and noninstructional staff/principal cover 3 domains and 13 topics. Figure 1 shows the EDSCLS domains and topics. The questions in the EDSCLS are not of a sensitive nature and should not pose sensitivity concerns to respondents. All survey questions are focused on the perceptions of respondents regarding various aspects of school climate. Questionnaires are available in PDF format through the links below.

Figure 1. EDSCLS model of school climate
Figure 1. EDSCLS model of school climate columns: Domain Engagement topics: Cultural and linguistic competence, Relationships, and School participation/Dmain Safety topics: Emotional Safety, Physical Safety, Bullying/Cyberbullying, Substance Abuse, and Emergency readiness/management/domain environment topics: Physical environment

Instructional environment, Physical health, Mental health, and Discipline

Student Questionnaire (English Version PDF files (114 KB); Spanish Version PDF files (101 KB))

Instructional Staff Questionnaire PDF files (103 KB)

Noninstructional Staff/Principal Questionnaire PDF files (117 KB)