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Findings: Secondary/High School

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Student Participation in CTE

  • Overall coursetaking in CTE has declined (see figure)
  • Despite an overall decline in CTE credits, coursetaking in areas such as communications and health care have increased (see figure)

Students' Expectations and Plans

  • Most students expect their primary activity for the year after high school to be postsecondary education (see figure).
  • A higher proportion of female than male students expect their main activity to be postsecondary education, whereas a higher proportion of males than females expect their main activity to be work (see figure).
  • Students' expectation for postsecondary education increases as family SES increases, and their expectation for working decreases as SES increases (see figure).
  • The counselors of most public high school students report that their school requires a graduation, career, or education plan (see figure).
  • Although 44 percent of public high school students are asked to develop a plan, fewer students submit their plan to their school or review the plan with school staff at least annually (see figure).

Education and Work After High School

  • Postsecondary enrollment rates were higher for the high school class of 2004 than for the class of 1992 (see figure)
  • But postsecondary attainment rates were lower in the more recent cohort than in the earlier cohort. (see figure)