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Data Sources: Secondary/High School

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NCES does not have a regular data collection that focuses specifically on CTE. Instead, the CTE Statistics program derives information about CTE primarily from existing NCES data collections that examine students, schools, teachers, and adults in general. Listed below are the main NCES data collections that are used for the analysis of CTE issues at the secondary/high school level.

Secondary/High School Studies

High School Transcript Studies. High school transcripts collected in conjunction with the National Assessment of Educational Progress and the High School Longitudinal Studies provide data on CTE coursetaking and credits earned, and are used to describe trends in CTE coursetaking over time.

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High School Longitudinal Studies. Data from the base-year and follow-up surveys are used to describe students' work-related attitudes, influences, expectations, and career preparation activities during high school and their subsequent postsecondary and labor market outcomes.

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Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS). Data from the School, School Administrator, and Teacher Questionnaires are used to provide counts and descriptions of the public schools that offer CTE, CTE high schools, and the teachers who provide CTE instruction.

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