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Tables: Adult

Table A8. Percentage of adults in the labor force who have degree and nondegree credentials: 2016

Credential Percent
Total, any degree or nondegree credential   57.7
Nondegree credential   30.9
Postsecondary degree   45.0
And no nondegree credential   26.7
And a nondegree credential   18.3
No postsecondary degree   55.0
And no nondegree credential   42.3
And a nondegree credential   12.7
NOTE: As defined in the survey, adults are ages 16 to 65 and not enrolled in high school. A nondegree credential is a certification, license, or postsecondary certificate. A postsecondary certificate is defined in the survey as a certificate obtained from a community or technical college or other school after high school, and that included at least 40 hours of instruction and did not require being enrolled in or having completed a bachelor's or higher degree program. Adults can have more than one credential.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Adult Training and Education Survey (ATES) of the National Household Education Surveys Program, 2016.