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Table A43. Percentage of adults ages 25 to 64 with different combinations of nondegree and degree credentials: 2016

Combination of nondegree and degree credentials Percentage of adults
Total, all adults 100.0
Nondegree credentials  
Work credentials 23.4
Both a certification and license 2.8
Certification only 3.9
License only 16.7
Neither certification nor license 76.6
Postsecondary certificate 8.9
Postsecondary certificate and work credential 2.5
Postsecondary certificate and no work credential 6.3
No postsecondary certificate 91.2
No postsecondary certificate and work credential 20.8
No postsecondary certificate and no work credential 70.3
Nondegree and degree credentials  
Nondegree or degree credential 55.9
Both a nondegree and nondegree credential 17.0
Nondegree credential only 12.7
Degree credential only 26.2
Neither a nondegree nor degree credential 44.1
NOTE: Adults are ages 25 to 64 and not enrolled in high school. The total number of adults is approximately 164,125,000. Certifications and licenses were defined in the survey as follows: "A professional certification or license shows you are qualified to perform a specific job and includes things like licensed realtor, certified medical assistant, certified teacher, or an IT certification." If a respondent indicated that a license or certification was required by a government agency, it was counted as a license; otherwise it was counted as a certification. Information was collected on respondents' three most important licenses and certifications. Postsecondary certificates are certificates obtained from a community college or other postsecondary school that included at least 40 hours of instruction and did not require being enrolled in or having completed a bachelor's degree program or higher. Work credentials include certifications and licenses, and nondegree credentials include work credentials and postsecondary certificates. Detail may not sum to totals because of rounding.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Adult Training and Education Survey (ATES) of the National Household Education Surveys Program, 2016.
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