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Tables: Adult

Table A4. Percentage of adults with a work credential who have a credential with each characteristic, by type of most important work credential: 2016

Work credential characteristic Most important work credential
Any   Certification   License
Method of preparing for credential1          
Classes from college, technical school, or trade school 67   52   71
Classes or training from company, association, union, or private instructor 38   47   36
Studying on your own using textbooks or online resources 51   59   49
Credential is for current job (among employed)          
Yes 85   78   87
No 15   22   13
Number of years since credential was first obtained          
0 to 5 years 34   44   31
6 to 10 years 18   21   18
11 to 15 years 14   13   14
16 to 20 years 11   10   11
More than 20 years 23   12   26
1 Details do not sum to 100. Respondents could select as many methods of preparation as applied.
NOTE: As defeined in the survey, adults are ages 16 to 65 and not enrolled in high school. Work credentials are certifications and licenses; cases for which one or more reported work credentials were deemed invalid are treated as not having any reported work credentials (n=170). Respondents could report characteristics for up to three specific work credentials. Most important credential is the credential that respondents reported as their most important one.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Adult Training and Education Survey (ATES) of the National Household Education Surveys Program, 2016.