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Related Sites

Those interested in other federal government information sources on career/technical education are referred to the following websites:

EDPubs is a database of U.S. Department of Education publications and products. Using ED Pubs, you may search and order publications of interest.

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA), part of the U.S. Department of Labor, seeks to build up the labor market through training of the workforce and the placement of workers in jobs through employment services. It provides assistance to adults, youth, dislocated workers, workforce development professionals and employers.

ERIC is the world's largest digital bibliographic database of education literature. It contains records (citations, abstracts, etc.) for over 1.2 million items indexed since 1966, including more than 650 journal indices.

GEMEnA describes an inter-agency effort, led by NCES, to improve the federal government’s ability to measure how adults acquire the skills and credentials needed for work, including occupational certificates, certification and licensing, on-the-job training, and basic skills development.

Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE). This ED office administers the funds distributed to states by the Carl D. Perkins Career/Technical Education Improvement Act to support CTE programs. OCTAE also supports a number of research, development, demonstration, and training programs for the improvement of career/technical education.