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Publications: Secondary/High School

High School Students’ Views on Who Influences Their Thinking about Education and Careers
NCES Number: 2018088   Release Date: 1/23/18

Participation in High School Career and Technical Education and Postsecondary Enrollment
NCES Number: 2018043   Release Date: 12/19/17

The Education and Work Plans of Public High School Students
NCES Number: 2017005   Release Date: 5/10/17

Public High School Students' Use of Graduation, Career, or Education Plans
NCES Number: 2017111   Release Date: 5/10/17

Career and Technical Education Coursetaking and Postsecondary Enrollment and Attainment: High School Classes of 1992 and 2004
NCES Number: 2016109   Release Date: 7/21/16

DATA POINT: Trends in CTE Coursetaking
NCES Number: 2014901   Release Date: 11/19/13

Web Tables—Public High School Teachers of Career and Technical Education in 2007-08
NCES Number: 2011235   Release Date: 2/7/11

Postsecondary and Labor Force Transitions Among Public High School Career and Technical Education Participants
NCES Number: 2011234   Release Date: 1/27/11

Science Achievement and Occupational Career/Technical Education Coursetaking in High School: The Class of 2005
NCES Number: 2010021   Release Date: 5/19/10

New Indicators of High School Career/Technical Education Coursetaking: Class of 2005
NCES Number: 2009038   Release Date: 4/29/09

Career and Technical Education in the United States: 1990–2005
NCES Number: 2008035   Release Date: 7/22/08

The 2007 Revision of the Career/Technical Education Portion of the Secondary School Taxonomy
NCES Number: 2008030   Release Date: 10/17/07