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Frequently Asked Questions

Who conducted CivEd in the United States?

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) provided the necessary funding to carry out this large-scale assessment in the United States. The American Institutes for Research collected data for the pilot phase of the study and was responsible for data analysis and reporting for the main assessment in the United States. Westat, Inc. handled the field operations for the main assessment in the United States.

In addition, the study is overseen by a National Research Coordinator, Dr. Carole Hahn, Emory University, who serves as the chair of an 11-member U.S. Steering Committee. This committee was appointed to provide guidance and insight to Dr. Hahn throughout the project and is comprised of leading experts in the field of civic education, both researchers and practitioners. Members of the U.S. Steering Committee, and their affiliations, include:

  • Patricia Avery, University of Minnesota
  • Margaret Branson, Center for Civic Education
  • Gloria Contreras, University of North Texas
  • Carole Hahn, Emory University
  • Sheila Mann, American Political Science Association
  • Pat Nickell, University of Georgia
  • Richard Niemi, University of Rochester
  • Valerie Pang, San Diego State University
  • Walter Parker, University of Washington
  • John Patrick, Indiana University
  • Gordon Ambach, Ex Officio, Council of Chief State School Officers

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