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Questionnaires for Beginning Teacher Longitudinal Study (BTLS)

Wave 1 through wave 5 BTLS questionnaires are available. Data for the first wave of BTLS was collected in the Teacher Questionnaire of the 2007–08 Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS). Data for the second wave was collected in the Questionnaire for Former Teachers and Questionnaire for Current Teachers in the 2008–09 Teacher Follow-up Survey (TFS). Data for the third, fourth, and fifth waves of BTLS were collected in an online instrument. Because of this, the third, fourth, and fifth wave questionnaires are only available as Excel documents. The survey waves are listed below with links to downloadable PDF files (for waves 1 and 2) and Excel documents (for waves 3, 4, and 5).

Wave 1: 2007-2008

PDF PDF File (224 KB)

Wave 2: 2008-2009

Current Teacher Questionnaire PDF File (308 KB)
Former Teacher Questionnaire PDF File (276 KB)

Wave 3: 2009-2010

ZIP Zip File (32 KB)

For Waves 3 and 4, in order to view the questionnaire by teacher status, use the headers to filter the items by user type.

The user types are indicated in the format of “XY” or “XxY,” where the “X” (or “Xx” in the case of nonrespondents) denotes the respondent’s third-wave teaching status and the “Y” denotes the respondent’s fourth-wave teaching status. In the third wave, the sampled person was either a current teacher (denoted by a “C”) or a former teacher (denoted by an “F”). If the sampled teacher was a nonrespondent in the third wave, he or she was asked a series of third-wave questions during the fourth wave to determine if the sampled person was a nonrespondent current teacher (denoted “Nc”) or a nonrespondent former teacher (denoted “Nf”) for the third wave. Finally, during the fourth wave, the sampled person was either a current teacher (denoted by a “C”) or a former teacher (denoted by an “F”). Thus, the resulting potential BTLS fourth-wave respondent types were the following: fourth-wave current teachers (CC, FC, NcC, and NfC) and fourth-wave former teachers (CF, FF, NcF, and NfF).

Wave 4: 2010-2011

ZIP Zip File (49.7 KB)

Wave 5: 2011-2012

Excel Excel File (48.5 KB)