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2011-12 Beginning Teacher Longitudinal Brochure, pictures of students rasiing hands Beginning Teacher Longitudinal Study (BTLS) Waves 1-3 Preliminary Restricted-Use Data File and Documentation, picture of teacher helping student Beginning Teacher Attrition and Mobility, pictures of teacher and student
The Beginning Teacher Longitudinal Study (BTLS) followed a cohort of beginning public school teachers initially interviewed as part of the 2007–08 Schools and Staffing Survey through the 2011–12 school year. The study was intended to create an unfolding "story" by following this cohort of first-year teachers for 5 years.
Although most teacher surveys provide a momentary "snapshot" of the group they are surveying, this longitudinal survey followed a cohort of teachers over a longer time period. To accomplish this, interviews took place over the course of several years. By collecting data from the same group of teachers over an extended period of time, NCES hoped provide an in-depth examination of the career development of beginning teachers as they continue with teaching or transition into a different career.

Tables by selected teacher and school characteristics

mortar board and roll of money

Average base teaching salary of beginning public school teachers

For school years 200708, 200809, and 200910

teacher holding certificate

Percentage of beginning public school teachers who renewed their teaching certificate...

Or added a content area, field, or grade levels to their teaching certificate before December 31, 2008, for school year 200910

teachers meeting

Percentage of beginning public school teachers participating in various leadership activities...

At their school, for school years 200708 and 200910